A Scot
A Scot is a member of an ethnic group indigenous to Scotland, derived from the Latin name of Irish raiders, the Scoti.Scot may also refer to:People with the given name Scot:* Scot Brantley , American football linebacker...

is a member of an ethnic group indigenous to Scotland, derived from the Latin name of Irish raiders, the Scoti
Scoti or Scotti was the generic name used by the Romans to describe those who sailed from Ireland to conduct raids on Roman Britain. It was thus synonymous with the modern term Gaels...


Scot may also refer to:

People with the given name Scot:
  • Scot Brantley
    Scot Brantley
    Scot Eugene Brantley is an American radio and television sports broadcaster and former college and professional football player who was a linebacker in the National Football League for eight seasons in the 1980s...

     (born 1958), American football linebacker
  • Scot Breithaupt
    Scot Breithaupt
    Scot Alexander Breithaupt is an entrepreneur, "Old School" former professional Motorcycle MX and Bicycle Motocross racer and a founding father of BMX in 1970 whose prime competitive years were from 1970 to 1984...

     (born 1957), American cyclist
  • Scot Coogan
    Scot Coogan
    Scot Coogan is an American session musician and touring drummer.-Career:Coogan has worked with groups such as Violets Demise, Ednaswap, Parade of Losers, Annetenna, Sinéad O'Connor, Peter Yorn, Vanilla Ice, and Otep...

     (born 1971), American rock drummer
  • Scot D. Ryersson
    Scot D. Ryersson
    Scot D. Ryersson is an award-winning illustrator, graphic artist and writer. In addition to many critiques and essays on film and literature, he is the co-author of the internationally bestselling biography Infinite Variety: The Life and Legend of the Marchesa Casati, as well as The Marchesa...

     (born 1960), American writer
  • Scot Dapp
    Scot Dapp
    Scot Dapp is an American football coach. He has been the head coach at Moravian College since 1987.He was the president of the American Football Coaches Association in 2005....

     (born 1952), American football coach
  • Scot Davis
    Scot Davis
    Scot Davis is the current wrestling head coach at Owatonna High School in Minnesota. Prior to Owatonna, he also coached at Belcourt, ND, Bird Island-Lake Lillian, MN, and Hutchinson, MN. He is the current record holder for most wins in national high school wrestling history.- References :*,...

     (21st century), American wrestler
  • Scot Eaton
    Scot Eaton
    Scot Eaton is a comic book artist, best known for his work on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, X-Men: Endangered Species, and X-Men: Messiah Complex.-Beginnings:...

     (21st century), American comic book artist
  • Scot Gemmill
    Scot Gemmill
    Scotland 'Scot' Gemmill is a Scottish ex professional association footballer who is now a UEFA A Licensed Coach. He is currently helping to coach the Scotland Under 19 Team. He played as a midfielder, most recently for the New Zealand Knights...

     (born 1971), Scottish professional football player
  • Scot Halpin
    Scot Halpin
    Thomas Scot Halpin was an artist and musician noted for sitting in for The Who's Keith Moon during a rock concert at the Cow Palace in San Francisco...

     (1954–2008), American drummer
  • Scot Hollonbeck
    Scot Hollonbeck
    Scot Hollonbeck is an American wheelchair racer, who competed at the Olympic and Paralympic level. At the 2000 Summer Olympic Games, he placed sixth in the wheelchair racing event. At the 2004 Olympic Games, he finished 4th in the demonstration sport of Men's 1500m wheelchair...

     (21st century), American wheelchair racer
  • Scot Kelsh
    Scot Kelsh
    Scot Kelsh is a North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party member of the North Dakota House of Representatives, representing the 11th district since 1997.-External links:* official ND Senate website* profile*Follow the Money - Scot Kelsh...

     (born 1962), American politician
  • Scot Kleinendorst
    Scot Kleinendorst
    Scot Brian Kleinendorst is a former American ice hockey defenseman.Drafted in 1980 by the New York Rangers, Kleinendorst also played in the NHL for the Hartford Whalers and Washington Capitals....

     (born 1960), American ice hockey defenseman
  • Scot McCloughan
    Scot McCloughan
    Scot McCloughan is the former General Manager of the San Francisco 49ers. On March 18, 2010, he was relieved of his duties.-Notes and references:...

     (21st century), American football executive
  • Scot McKnight
    Scot McKnight
    Scot McKnight is a New Testament scholar who has written widely on the historical Jesus, Christian spirituality, and the Emerging Church. He is the Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies at North Park University. Prior to joining the NPU faculty in 1994, he was a professor at Trinity...

     (21st century), American theologian
  • Scot Mendelson
    Scot Mendelson
    Scot Mendelson is an American powerlifter.Mendelson is Jewish, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York.He is the current world record holder in the raw bench press with a press at the New England Bench Press Classic on May 22, 2005. He also held the world record in equipped bench press...

     (born 1969), American powerlifter
  • Scot Palmer
    Scot Palmer
    Scot Palmer is an Australian sports journalist.A long-time writer for The Sun, the Sunday Press, Sunday Sun and Sunday Herald Sun, he is best known as a columnist for the "Punchlines" segment on Sundays...

     (21st century), Australian sports journalist
  • Scot Pollard
    Scot Pollard
    Scot L. Pollard is a retired American professional basketball player. In an eleven-year NBA career, he played for five teams, spending the bulk of his career with the Sacramento Kings and the Indiana Pacers...

     (born 1975), American professional basketball player
  • Scot Rubin
    Scot Rubin
    Scot Rubin is a talk show host, founder of All Games Productions, All Games Network and co-founder of the G4 television network. AllGames launched in 1996. In 2000 Rubin was hired as a consultant for Comcast, In 2001 he was hired by G4 Media and served as Vice President of Internet, IT IT and...

     (21st century), American television talk show host
  • Scot Schmidt
    Scot Schmidt
    Scot Schmidt is was the first ever professional extreme skier. His extraordinary talent has helped shape today’s ski industry, and has inspired many skiers. Scot started skiing professionally in 1983 in Squaw Valley...

     (born 1961), American alpine skier
  • Scot Shields
    Scot Shields
    Robert Scot Shields is a former American Major League Baseball relief pitcher. He played his entire baseball career with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, serving as their setup man since...

     (born 1975), American baseball player
  • Scot Sloan, a Doonesbury character
  • Scot Symon (1911–1985), Scottish football player
  • Scot Thompson
    Scot Thompson
    Scot Thompson is an American soccer player who currently play for Portland Timbers U23's in the USL Premier Development League....

     (born 1981), American soccer player
  • Scot Walters
    Scot Walters
    Scot Walters is an American stock car racer from Cornelius, North Carolina. He competed in NASCAR from 1997 to 1999 in the Camping World Truck Series, as well as one Nationwide Series race in 1998.-NASCAR career:...

     (21st century), American racecar driver
  • Scot Williams
    Scot Williams
    Scot Williams , is an English actor, writer and producer for stage, film and television.As an actor, Williams made his film debut in the 1994 Iain Softley film Backbeat, in which he played the role of The Beatle's original drummer Pete Best...

     (born 1972), English actor
  • Wayne Scot Lukas
    Wayne Scot Lukas
    Wayne Scot Lukas is an American fashion consultant, best known as the former co-host of the makeover reality program What Not to Wear which broadcasts on TLC in the United States and Canada...

     (21st century), American fashion consultant

People with the surname Scot:
  • Daniel Scot (21st century), co-director of Ibrahim Ministries International
  • Lewis Scot
    Lewis Scot
    Lewis Scot was an English buccaneer who, according to writer Alexander Esquemeling, was the first Englishman to raid Spanish coastal settlements in the Caribbean and West Indies during the mid-seventeenth century....

     (17th century), English pirate
  • Michael Scot
    Michael Scot
    Michael Scot was a medieval mathematician and scholar.- Early life and education :He was born in Scotland, and studied first at the cathedral school of Durham and then at Oxford and Paris, devoting himself to philosophy, mathematics, and astrology...

     (circa 1175-1232), Scottish astrologer
  • Reginald Scot
    Reginald Scot
    Reginald Scot was an English country gentleman and Member of Parliament, now remembered as the author of The Discoverie of Witchcraft, which was published in 1584. It was written against the belief in witches, to show that witchcraft did not exist...

     (circa 1538-1599), English author
  • Robert Scot
    Robert Scot
    Robert Scot was the first Chief Engraver of the United States Mint from its inception in 1793 until his death in 1823. He was succeeded by William Kneass.-Early life:...

     (1744–1823), American artist
  • Thomas Scot
    Thomas Scot
    Thomas Scot was an English Member of Parliament and one of the regicides of King Charles I.- Early life :In 1626 Thomas Scot married Alice Allinson of Chesterford in Essex. He was a lawyer in Buckinghamshire and grew to prominence as the treasurer of the region’s County Committee between 1644 to...

     (died 1660), English Member of Parliament
  • William Scot
    William Scot
    William Scot was a medieval Bishop of Durham elect.Scot was Archdeacon of Worcester in December of 1218. He was elected to the see of Durham before 20 October 1226 but the election was quashed by Pope Gregory IX on 19 May 1227...

     (13th century), Roman Catholic priest

A brand of car
  • Studebaker Scotsman
    Studebaker Scotsman
    The Scotsman was an automobile series produced by the Studebaker Packard Corporation of South Bend, Indiana, during model years 1957 and 1958, and a low-priced series of pickup trucks in 1958 and 1959...

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, a Norwegian coaster
  • SCOT
    A Scot is a member of an ethnic group indigenous to Scotland, derived from the Latin name of Irish raiders, the Scoti.Scot may also refer to:People with the given name Scot:* Scot Brantley , American football linebacker...

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  • Scotus (disambiguation)
    Scotus (disambiguation)
    Scotus may refer to:* SCOTUS, the acronym for the Supreme Court of the United States* Scotus Academy, a Catholic all boys day school* Scotus Central Catholic High School, a private school in Nebraska...

  • Scot: an old English word for a form of taxation
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