• Scone (bread)
    Scone (bread)
    The scone is a small Scottish quick bread especially popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,Belgium and Ireland, but are also eaten in many other countries. They are usually made of wheat, barley or oatmeal, with baking powder as a leavening agent...

    , a type of quick-bread, typically eaten with jam and cream.
  • Drop-scone, British word for a small pancake


  • Barbara Young, Baroness Young of Old Scone
    Barbara Young, Baroness Young of Old Scone
    Barbara Scott Young, Baroness Young of Old Scone sits on the cross benches in the House of Lords. She was created a life peer in 1997 as Baroness Young of Old Scone, of Old Scone in Perth and Kinross....

     (born 1948), Labour member of the House of Lords
  • Robert of Scone
    Robert of Scone
    Robert of Scone was a 12th century bishop of Cell Rígmonaid . Robert's exact origins are unclear. He was an Augustinian canon at the Priory of St. Oswalds, at Nostell...

     (died 1159), 12th century bishop of Cell Rígmonaid (or Kilrymont, now St Andrews)

Places and related meanings

  • Scone, New South Wales
    Scone, New South Wales
    Scone is a town in the Upper Hunter Shire in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia. At the 2006 census, Scone had a population of 4,624 people. It is located on the New England Highway north of Muswellbrook about 270 kilometres north of Sydney, and is part of the Hunter and Upper...

    , Australia (named after the Scottish burgh by emigrants)
    • Scone High School
      Scone High School
      Scone High School is a government high school, located in the town of Scone, New South Wales. Currently around 500 students from Scone, Aberdeen, Murrurundi and surrounding areas like Denman attend the school....

      , Australian government high school
    • Scone Horse Festival, celebration of Scone's cultural links to equines
    • Scone railway station, New South Wales
      Scone railway station, New South Wales
      -Neighbouring stations:-External links:***...

    • Scone Thoroughbreds
      Scone Thoroughbreds
      Scone Thoroughbreds is a country rugby league team, based in Scone, New South Wales, competing in the Group 21 competition under the auspices of the Country Rugby League....

      , country rugby league team
    • The Scone Advocate
      The Scone Advocate
      The Scone Advocate is an Australian local newspaper, serving the communities of Scone, Aberdeen and Murrurundi in the Upper Hunter Valley. It is owned by Rural Press, and goes on sale each Thursday for $1.40...

      , Australian local newspaper

United Kingdom
  • Scone, Scotland
    Scone, Scotland
    Scone is a village in Perth and Kinross, Scotland. The medieval village of Scone, which grew up around the monastery and royal residence, was abandoned in the early 19th century when the residents were removed and a new palace was built on the site by the Earl of Mansfield...

    • Abbot of Scone
      Abbot of Scone
      The Abbot of Scone, before 1163 x 4, Prior of Scone, and then by the beginning of the 16th century, the Commendator of Scone, was the head of the community of Augustinian canons of Scone Abbey and their lands. The priory was established by King Alaxandair mac Maíl Choluim sometime between 1114 and...

    • Baw game of Scone
    • Scone Abbey
      Scone Abbey
      Scone Abbey was a house of Augustinian canons based at Scone, Perthshire , Scotland. Varying dates for the foundation have been given, but it was certainly founded between 1114 and 1122....

    • Scone Palace
      Scone Palace
      Scone Palace is a Category A listed historic house at Scone, Perthshire, Scotland. It was constructed in 1808 for the Earls of Mansfield by William Atkinson...

    • Stone of Scone
      Stone of Scone
      The Stone of Scone , also known as the Stone of Destiny and often referred to in England as The Coronation Stone, is an oblong block of red sandstone, used for centuries in the coronation of the monarchs of Scotland and later the monarchs of England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom...

    • Synod at Scone


  • "Scone", in mathematics, sometimes used as another name for comma category
    Comma category
    In mathematics, a comma category is a construction in category theory. It provides another way of looking at morphisms: instead of simply relating objects of a category to one another, morphisms become objects in their own right. This notion was introduced in 1963 by F. W...

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