Sap may refer to:
  • Plant sap
    Plant sap
    Sap is a fluid transported in xylem cells or phloem sieve tube elements of a plant. It transports water and nutrients throughout the plant....

    , the fluid transported in xylem cells (tracheids or vessel elements) or phloem sieve tube elements of a plant
  • Sap (village)
    Sap (village)
    Sap is a village and municipality in the Dunajská Streda District in the Trnava Region of south-west Slovakia. The outlet channel of the Gabčíkovo – Nagymaros Dams re-enters the Danube at the village.-History:...

    , a village in the Dunajská Streda District of Slovakia
  • Sáp
    Sáp is a village in Hajdú-Bihar county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.-Geography:It covers an area of and has a population of 1046 people ....

    , a village in the Hajdú-Bihar county of Hungary
  • Sap (album)
    Sap (album)
    I "Right Turn" is credited to Alice Mudgarden in the liner notes.II "Love Song" is unlisted on the CD.-Personnel:Alice in Chains*Layne Staley – vocals, drums on "Love Song"*Jerry Cantrell – guitar, vocals, bass on "Love Song"...

    , a 1992 EP album by Alice in Chains
  • Sapping
    Mining, landmining or undermining is a siege method which has been used since antiquity against a walled city, fortress, castle or other strongly held and fortified military position.-Antiquity:...

    , a method of advancing a trench towards an enemy's works
  • Sap, a weapon composed of a weighted bag of lead
  • Jolande Sap
    Jolande Sap
    Johanna Catharina Maria Sap is a Dutch GreenLeft politician and former educator and civil servant. She replaced Wijnand Duyvendak as an MP on September 3, 2008, after he left the Dutch House of Representatives...

    , Dutch politician
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