Ruthenian may refer to:
  • Ruthenia
    Ruthenia is the Latin word used onwards from the 13th century, describing lands of the Ancient Rus in European manuscripts. Its geographic and culturo-ethnic name at that time was applied to the parts of Eastern Europe. Essentially, the word is a false Latin rendering of the ancient place name Rus...

    , a name applied to various parts of Eastern Europe
  • Ruthenians
    The name Ruthenian |Rus']]) is a culturally loaded term and has different meanings according to the context in which it is used. Initially, it was the ethnonym used for the East Slavic peoples who lived in Rus'. Later it was used predominantly for Ukrainians...

    , a historic ethnic group
  • Ruthenian Catholic Church
    Ruthenian Catholic Church
    The Ruthenian Catholic Church is a sui iuris Eastern Catholic Church , which uses the Divine Liturgy of the Constantinopolitan Byzantine Eastern Rite. Its roots are among the Rusyns who lived in the region called Carpathian Ruthenia, in and around the Carpathian Mountains...

    , the sui iuris particular church united to the Bishop of Rome and the Roman Catholic Church
  • Ruthenian language (disambiguation)
    Ruthenian language (disambiguation)
    The name Ruthenian language has sometimes been applied to:* Old East Slavic language, the language of Kievan Rus', ancestral to all modern East Slavic languages...

    , a name applied to several Slavic languages
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