Rudolf, Count of Montescaglioso
Rudolf was the second Norman count of Montescaglioso
Montescaglioso is a town and comune in the Province of Matera, Basilicata, southern Italy.The economy is mostly based on agriculture, including production of renowned oil and wine, as well as traditional food....

 from the death of his father Robert
Robert, Count of Montescaglioso
Robert was the first Norman count of Montescaglioso.He wa a nephew of Robert Guiscard through one of his sisters and a brother, Geoffrey of Conversano....

 in 1080.

During the three-year period between the death of the Guiscard in 1085 and the peace between his sons Bohemond and Roger Borsa
Roger Borsa
Roger Borsa was the Norman Duke of Apulia and effective ruler of southern Italy from 1085 until his death. He was the son of Robert Guiscard, the conqueror of southern Italy and Sicily; Roger was not as adept as his father, and most of his reign was spent in feudal anarchy.-Biography:Roger was the...

, Rudolph and many other barons took advantage of the fraternal civil war to enhance their own lands and powers.

In 1087, Rudolf married Emma (1070–1120), the fourth and youngest daughter of Roger I of Sicily
Roger I of Sicily
Roger I , called Bosso and the Great Count, was the Norman Count of Sicily from 1071 to 1101. He was the last great leader of the Norman conquest of southern Italy.-Conquest of Calabria and Sicily:...

 and his first wife Judith d'Évreux. She had previously been briefly engaged to Philip I of France
Philip I of France
Philip I , called the Amorous, was King of France from 1060 to his death. His reign, like that of most of the early Direct Capetians, was extraordinarily long for the time...

. When Rudolf died without issue, Emma ruled his territories until her death. In 1124, her brother Roger II
Roger II of Sicily
Roger II was King of Sicily, son of Roger I of Sicily and successor to his brother Simon. He began his rule as Count of Sicily in 1105, later became Duke of Apulia and Calabria , then King of Sicily...

invaded the county territory claiming it for the crown.


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