Roger de Breteuil, 2nd Earl of Hereford
Roger de Breteuil, 2nd Earl of Hereford (before 1051 to after 1087), succeeded to the earldom of Hereford
Earl of Hereford
The title of Earl of Hereford was created six times in the Peerage of England. See also Duke of Hereford, Viscount Hereford. Dates indicate the years the person held the title for.-Earls of Hereford, First Creation :*Swegen Godwinson...

 and the English estate of William Fitz-Osbern
William Fitzosbern, 1st Earl of Hereford
William FitzOsbern , Lord of Breteuil, in Normandy, was a relative and close counsellor of William the Conqueror and one of the great magnates of early Norman England...

 in 1071.

Disobeying King William

He did not keep on good terms with William the Conqueror, and in 1075, disregarding the King's prohibition, married his sister Emma to Ralph Guader, Earl of Norfolk
Ralph de Guader
Ralph de Gael was the Earl of East Anglia and Lord of Gaël and Montfort...

, at the famous bridal of Norwich.

Revolt of the Earls

Immediately afterwards the two earls rebelled
Revolt of the Earls
The Revolt of the Earls in 1075 was a rebellion of three earls against William I of England . It was the last serious act of resistance against William in the Norman Conquest.-Course:...

. Roger, who was to bring his force from the west to join forces with those of the Earl of Norfolk, was held in check at the River Severn
River Severn
The River Severn is the longest river in Great Britain, at about , but the second longest on the British Isles, behind the River Shannon. It rises at an altitude of on Plynlimon, Ceredigion near Llanidloes, Powys, in the Cambrian Mountains of mid Wales...

 by the Worcestershire
Worcestershire is a non-metropolitan county, established in antiquity, located in the West Midlands region of England. For Eurostat purposes it is a NUTS 3 region and is one of three counties that comprise the "Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire" NUTS 2 region...

 fyrd which the English Bishop Wulfstan
Wulfstan may refer to:*Wulfstan, ealdorman of Wiltshire , died 802*Wulfstan of Hedeby, 9th century merchantman and traveller*Wulfstan , Archbishop of York...

, Walter de Lacy
Walter de Lacy
Walter de Lacy was Lord of Meath in Ireland and Ludlow in Shropshire in the Welsh Marches.- Life :With his father Hugh de Lacy, Lord of Meath he built Trim Castle , Trim, County Meath....

 and other Normans brought into the field against him.

Trial, Sentence & Reprieve

On the collapse of his confederate's uprising, Roger was tried before the Great Council, deprived of his lands and Earldom, in 1075 and sentenced to perpetual imprisonment; but he was released, with other political prisoners, at the death of William I
William I of England
William I , also known as William the Conqueror , was the first Norman King of England from Christmas 1066 until his death. He was also Duke of Normandy from 3 July 1035 until his death, under the name William II...

 in 1087.


Roger left two sons, Roger and Reginald. Both may have been born after his release in 1087. Reginald married Emmelind Ballon, the daughter of Hamelin de Balun
Hamelin de Balun
Hamelin de Ballon was an early Norman Baron and the first Baron Abergavenny and Lord of Over Gwent and Abergavenny, titles granted shortly after the Norman Conquest of England and Wales by William the Conqueror; he also served William Rufus.- Origin :He was from France, from the ancient manor of...

 of Abergavenny
Abergavenny , meaning Mouth of the River Gavenny, is a market town in Monmouthshire, Wales. It is located 15 miles west of Monmouth on the A40 and A465 roads, 6 miles from the English border. Originally the site of a Roman fort, Gobannium, it became a medieval walled town within the Welsh Marches...

 and took her surname. He died before 1166, leaving his descendants the lordship of Much Marcle with its castle.
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