Rodriguez, Rizal
Rodriguez, Rizal is a first-class, urban municipality in the province of Rizal, Philippines
The Philippines , officially known as the Republic of the Philippines , is a country in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. To its north across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan. West across the South China Sea sits Vietnam...

. It is the northernmost town in the province and comes after San Mateo, Rizal
San Mateo, Rizal
San Mateo, Rizal is a first class urban municipality of Rizal Province. Located on the island of Luzon, San Mateo is one of 13 municipalities and a capital city that make up the Province of Rizal, Region 4-A of the Philippines. San Mateo is part of the Metro Luzon Urban Beltway...

, and Quezon City
Quezon City
Quezon City is the former capital and the most populous city in the Philippines. Located on the island of Luzon, Quezon City is one of the cities and municipalities that make up Metro Manila, the National Capital Region. The city was named after Manuel L...

 coming from Metro Manila
Metro Manila
Metropolitan Manila , the National Capital Region , or simply Metro Manila, is the metropolitan region encompassing the City of Manila and its surrounding areas in the Philippines...

. The town is located on the slopes of the Sierra Madre
Sierra Madre (Philippines)
The Sierra Madre is a mountain range in The Philippines. It is located along the north-eastern coast of Luzon Island, running north/south. Quezon National Forest Park is situated in the range.-Geography:...

 mountain range and features many resorts; it is also the largest town in Rizal province with 312.70 km².

The town's old name, Montalban, refers to its mountainous topography. It was also the town's official name from 1909, until Batas Pambansa Blg. 275 was passed in September 1982, which officially renamed the town. The town's official name is taken from the family name of Eulogio Rodriguez, Sr., one of the most prominent Montalbeños.

According to the latest census, it has a population of 223,594 inhabitants in 24,524 households.

With its fast urbanization and economic growth, the municipality currently ranks as the eighth-richest municipality in the Philippines, with an annual income of Php 310 million (2007).

The legend of Bernardo Carpio
Bernardo Carpio
Bernardo Carpio is a legendary figure in Philippine Mythology who is said to be the cause of earthquakes. There are numerous versions of this tale. Some versions say Bernardo Carpio is a giant, as supported by the enormous footsteps he has reputedly left behind in the mountains of Montalban. Others...

is said to have happened in the mountains of the town.


Founded in World War II, Japanese pilots was hitting bombed in Montalban (now. Rodriguez) on December 1941. The Japanese soldiers occupied in Montalban (now. Rodriguez), Rizal on 1942.

Built-up Area

With the continuous expansion of Metro Manila, the municipality is now included in Manila built up area which reaches Cardona
Cardona is a town ìn Catalonia, Spain, in the province of Barcelona; about 90 km northwest of the city of Barcelona, on a hill almost surrounded by the river Cardoner, a branch of the Llobregat.Near the town is an extensive deposit of rock salt...

 in its Westernmost part.


Rodriguez is a town of mountains. From its north to south, a series of sloping ridges, hills and mountains ranges adorn the town. In fact, around 27% or the town is occupied by mountains and slopes. The town's highest peak is Mt. Irid, towering 1,469 meters above mean and sea level.

The province of Rizal spans for 130,383 hectares. Rodriguez makes up 26.8% on the entire province of Rizal, housing 11 barangays. The land mass of Rodriguez is big enough to be an ideal place for many purposes, such as agriculture, commerce such as the Avilon Zoo, and hiking and climbing spots of Wawa Gorge, relocation of communities (having a strategic position east of Rizal, and a lot of areas where lowcost housing projects can be put up), subdivision areas for either low-,mid-,high-cost housing, and also for special uses (such as the landfill).

Elevation and Slope

The Municipality of Rodriguez is generally very rough in topography, with eighty three percent (83%) of its total land area composed of upland areas, hills and mountain ranges. The remaining twenty seven percent (27%) lowlying terrain and rolling lands are found at the southwestern portion of the municipality, along with the northern portions of the Municipality of San Mateo
San Mateo, Rizal
San Mateo, Rizal is a first class urban municipality of Rizal Province. Located on the island of Luzon, San Mateo is one of 13 municipalities and a capital city that make up the Province of Rizal, Region 4-A of the Philippines. San Mateo is part of the Metro Luzon Urban Beltway...


This gently rolling to rolling slopes comprises the Marikina River Valley, where water from higher elevations drain towards the Marikina River
Marikina River
The San Mateo - Marikina River is a main river system in Eastern Metro Manila, Philippines. A river stretching from Rodriguez, Rizal, to Pasig City that connects to Pasig River as major tributary near Napindan Area in Pasig City.San Mateo - Marikina River used to be an important transport route...

 and its tributaries at the southwestern portion of the municipality. Elevations at these western lowlands range from 10 to 30 meter above sea level. The western portion of the flatlands gently rises towards the west, which is part of Quezon City
Quezon City
Quezon City is the former capital and the most populous city in the Philippines. Located on the island of Luzon, Quezon City is one of the cities and municipalities that make up Metro Manila, the National Capital Region. The city was named after Manuel L...


The mountainous regions of the Municipality of Rodriguez are found at the central and eastern areas, with sleepy sloping ridges and mountain
ranges, traversing north to south. The terrain in these mountain ranges has slopes ranging from 30-50 percent. Very steep hills and mountains have slopes greater than 50%. Rolling to hilly areas 18-30 percent in slope can also be found. These high elevations are drained by several major rivers, namely the Tanay, Puray, and Rodriguez Rivers.


The main transportation used in the municipality were jeepneys, tricycles, SUVs, and buses. There are jeepneys that ply through the towns of San Mateo and Marikina (via Marcos Highway) to Cubao in Quezon City, some ply the route that leads to Philcoa in Quezon City via Batasan Road in San Mateo, others connect Rodriguez to Litex Road in Quezon City. Buses regularly travel to farther places like Makati and Manila. SUVs ply the routes to Cubao in Quezon City and Sta. Lucia Grand Mall in Cainta.

Municipal mayors

  1. 1909–1916 Municipal President Eulogio Rodriguez
    Eulogio Rodriguez
    Eulogio "Amang" Adona Rodríguez, Sr. was a Filipino politician, the longest serving Senate President after Manuel L...

  2. 1916–1919 Municipal President Eusebio Manuel
  3. 1919–1928 Municipal President Gregorio Bautista
  4. 1928–1932 Municipal President Jose Rodriguez
  5. 1932–1936 Municipal President Roman Reyes
  6. 1936–1940 Municipal Mayor Jacinto Bautista
  7. 1941–1943 Municipal Mayor Francisco Rodriguez
  8. 1943–1944 Municipal Mayor Federico San Juan
  9. 1945 Municipal Mayor Gavino Cruz
  10. 1946–1947 Municipal Mayor Catalino Bautista
  11. 1947 Municipal Mayor Macario Bautista
  12. 1948–1959 Municipal Mayor Benigno Liamzon
  13. 1950 Municipal Mayor Guillermo Cruz Sr.
  14. 1960–1984 Municipal Mayor Teodoro Rodriguez
  15. 1984–1987 Municipal Mayor Pablo Adriano
  16. 1988–1993 Municipal Mayor Angelito Manuel
  17. 1993–1995 Municipal Mayor Ernesto Villanueva
  18. 1995–1998 Municipal Mayor Pedro Cuerpo
  19. 1998–2001 Municipal Mayor Rafaelito San Diego
  20. 2001–2010 Municipal Mayor Pedro Cuerpo
  21. 2010–present Municipal Mayor Cecilio Hernandez

The town

Rodriguez is politically subdivided into 11 barangays (7 urban, 4 rural):
  • San José
  • Burgos
  • Geronimo
  • Macabud
  • Mascap
  • San Isidro
  • San Rafael
  • Balite
  • Manggahan
  • Rosario
  • Puray

Tourist attractions

  • Avilon Zoo
    Avilon Zoo
    -Avilon Wildlife Conservation Foundation:Avilon Wildlife Conservation Foundation is a non-profit organization that is committed to significantly contribute to Philippine wildlife conservation efforts through education and ex situ species preservation programs...

     (Montalban Zoological Park)
  • Wawa Dam
  • Pamitinan Cave
  • Puray Falls
  • Noah's Park

Malls & Department Stores

  • Montalban Town Center Mall
  • Puregold Montalban
  • Metro Star Department Store
  • Robinsons Montalban
  • Uno Department Store
  • National Book Store
    National Book Store
    National Book Store is the largest bookstore chain in the Philippines with 128 branches in the country. It was set to open its first overseas branch, in Hong Kong, in September 2007.-History:...


  • HVill Hospital
  • St. Mark Hospital
  • San Jose Maternity and Lying-in Hospital
  • Montalban Infirmary

Educational Institutions

There are numerous colleges and universities in the town that offers graduate and undergraduate programs.


  • University of Rizal System
    University of Rizal System
    The University of Rizal System is a system of colleges located in the Rizal province, Philippines. It operates multiple campuses, with the main campus being in Tanay, Rizal....

  • University of Montalban (Pamantasan ng Montalban
    Pamantasan ng Montalban
    Pamantasan ng Montalban is a locally established University in Kasiglahan Village, Rodriguez, Rizal. Philippines. It was established by virtue of Municipal Ordinance Nos. 03-04 approved on September 25, 2003 followed by 04-03 approved on July 5, 2004 both of which were authored by the former three...

  • Roosevelt College Rodriguez
  • St. Joseph's College of Quezon City (Montalban Campus)
  • Asian Institute of Computer Studies (AICS)
  • Froebellian College of Science and Techonology


  • Burgos National High School
  • Divine Saviour Montessori School
  • Eastern Valley School
  • Gen. Licerio Geronimo Memorial National High School
  • Holy Family Montessori
  • Kasiglahan Village National High School
  • Macabud National High School
  • Macaingalan National High School
  • Maranatha Christian School
  • Mascap National High School
  • Montalban Heights National High School
  • Puray National High School
  • Roosevelt College High School
  • San Jose National High School
  • St. Joseph's Colleges' Center for Positive Futures
  • Tagumpay National High school
  • Valley High Academy
  • Virgen del Pilar School
  • Wawa National High School
  • St. Mary Magdalene Academy
  • Manggahan National High School
  • San isidro national highschool


  • Amityville Elementary School
  • Burgos Elementary School
  • Eastbridge School
  • Eulogio Rodriguez Elementary School
  • Geronimo Elementary School
  • Infant Jesus Learning Academy
  • Kasiglahan Village Elementary School
  • Living Epistle Christian Academy
  • Macabud Elementary School
  • Manggahan Elementary School
  • Mascap Elementary School
  • Montalban Heights Elementary School
  • Puray Elementary School
  • Roosevelt College Elementary School
  • San Jose Elementary School
  • San Rafael Elementary School
  • St. Anne Child Study Center
  • St. Joseph College Grade School
  • Tagumpay Elementary School
  • Wawa Elementary School
  • Lord Most High Christian School


There are Eight Banks that are located at the heart of the town, they are:
  • BPI Family Bank
  • Banco De Oro
  • RCBC Savings Bank
  • Allied Bank
    Allied Bank
    Allied Bank, formally known as Allied Banking Corporation, is one of the largest banks in the Philippines, ranking tenth in terms of assets...

  • Premiere Bank
  • Builder's Bank
  • Rural Bank on Montalban (Main)
  • Rural Bank of Montalban (San Jose)

Houses of charities

There are houses of charities located in the town.
  • Cottolengo Filipino – A non-stock, non-profit and non-government organizations licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Its aim is to serve the most poor, abandoned, neglected, surrendered persons with disabilities.

  • Anawim – Home for the abandoned elderly, orphans, and physically and mentally handicapped persons.

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