QF 3 pounder Hotchkiss
The QF 3 pounder Hotchkiss was a light 47-mm naval gun introduced in 1886 to defend against new small fast vessels such as torpedo boats, and later submarines. It was also used ashore as a coast defence gun and later occasionally as an anti-aircraft gun.

French service

United Kingdom History

In 1886 this gun was the first of the modern QF artillery to be adopted by the Royal Navy
Royal Navy
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 as Ordnance QF 3 pounder Hotchkiss, built under licence by Elswick Ordnance Company.

By World War I
World War I
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 the Hotchkiss gun was obsolete, and was gradually replaced in its class by the more powerful Ordnance QF 3 pounder Vickers
Ordnance QF 3 pounder Vickers
The Ordnance QF 3 pounder Vickers was a British artillery piece first tested in Britain in 1910. It was used on Royal Navy warships. It was more powerful than and unrelated to the older QF 3 pounder Hotchkiss, with a propellant charge approximately twice as large, but it initially fired the same...

 gun. But many were brought back into service on merchant vessels used for auxiliary duties in World War II
World War II
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, or as subcalibre guns for gunnery practice until the 1950s. Early in WWII it was also pressed into service in ports around the British Empire to defend against possible incursions by motor torpedo boats, until the modern QF 6 pounder 10 cwt gun became available in numbers for that purpose.

United Kingdom ammunition

Steel Shell round circa. 1898. Photo courtesy of Patrick Rushmere
Mk IV base percussion fuze
Mk V N.T. lyddite shell, 1914

Russian service

47 mm Hotchkiss guns were used during the Russo-Japanese war
Russo-Japanese War
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 and showed inefficiency against Japanese torpedo boats.

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