Pskov Krom
The Pskov Krom is an ancient citadel
A citadel is a fortress for protecting a town, sometimes incorporating a castle. The term derives from the same Latin root as the word "city", civis, meaning citizen....

 in Pskov
Pskov is an ancient city and the administrative center of Pskov Oblast, Russia, located in the northwest of Russia about east from the Estonian border, on the Velikaya River. Population: -Early history:...

, Russia
Russia or , officially known as both Russia and the Russian Federation , is a country in northern Eurasia. It is a federal semi-presidential republic, comprising 83 federal subjects...

. In the central part of the city, the Krom is located at the junction of the Velikaya River
Velikaya River
For the Velikaya river in Far East Siberia, see Velikaya River .Velikaya River is located in western Russia . It starts in highlands in the south of Pskov Oblast, flows north through the cities of Opochka, Ostrov, and Pskov into Lake Peipus, which is drained by the Narva River....

 and smaller Pskova river.(14 May 2009). Krom and Dovmontov gorod: the urban node of medieval Pskov,, Retrieved May 27, 2011 The citadel is of medieval origin, with the surrounding walls constructed starting in the late 1400s.

The Krom was the administrative and spiritual centre of the Pskov Republic
Pskov Republic
Pskov, known at various times as the Principality of Pskov or the Pskov Republic , was a medieval state on the south shore of Lake Pskov. The capital city, also named Pskov, was located at the southern end of the Peipus–Pskov Lake system at the southeast corner of Ugandi, about southwest of...

 in the 15th century.

In 2010, two of the towers of the Krom (the Vlasyevskaya, which dates to the 15th or 16th century, and the Rybnitskaya, which dates to 13th or 14th) were damaged in a fire.(28 April 2010). Two towers of Pskov Kremlin almost ruined by fire, RIA Novosti

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  • Trinity Cathedral in Pskov
    Trinity Cathedral in Pskov
    The Trinity Cathedral is located in the Pskov Krom or Kremlin on the east bank of the Velikaya River...

    (located within the walls of the Krom)
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