Provision may refer to:
  • Provision (musical group)
    Provision (musical group)
    Provision is an electronic musical group based in Houston, Texas. Provision was founded in November 2000 by Breye 7x and Leslie Hyman ....

    , an industrial dance / synthpop band from Houston, Texas, USA
  • Provision (accounting)
    Provision (accounting)
    In financial accounting, provision is a word that creates an ambiguous account title. In U.S. GAAP, provision means an expense, while in IFRS, International Financial Reporting Standards, it means a liability. So, in the U.S., Provision for Income Taxes means the same thing as Income Tax Expense,...

    , a term for liability in accounting
  • Provision (contracting)
    Provision (contracting)
    In United States government contracting, a provision or solicitation provision is a written term or condition used in a solicitation. A provision applies only before a contract is awarded to a vendor...

    , a term for a procurement condition
  • Provision (album)
    Provision (album)
    Provision is the third album by the British new wave pop group Scritti Politti, release in June 1988.The album was the band's second top ten hit in the UK, reaching #8, and was certified Gold by the BPI for 100,000 copies shipped....

    , an album by Scritti Politti

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  • Provisioning (disambiguation)
    Provisioning (disambiguation)
    The term provisioning can refer to:* in telecommunications:**Provisioning, equipping a telecommunications network* in shipping:**Provisioning, stocking materials or supplies; especially food...

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