Prang may refer to:
  • (slang): an airplane crash
  • Ernie Prang (Harry Potter), a character in the Harry Potter stories
  • Prang, an art supply brand of Dixon Ticonderoga
    Dixon Ticonderoga
    The Dixon Ticonderoga Company is an office and art supplies maker from the USA, with headquarters in Heathrow, Florida, which offers a number of brands. One of the most well-known is Ticonderoga - the yellow No. 2 pencil, known for its distinctive green and yellow ferrule...

  • Prang (architecture)
    Prang (architecture)
    A prang is a tall finger-like spire, usually richly carved. This was a common feature of Khmer religious architecture and was later adopted by Thai builders, typically in the Ayutthaya and Bangkok periods. In Thailand it appears only with the most important religious buildings.The first Prangs in...

    , a type of South-East Asian temple spire
  • Pranger
    The pranger is a German physical punishment device related to the stocks and the pillory. The Middle Low German word means something that pinches badly.The pranger chained the victim's neck to a pair of leg restraints fastened around the ankles...

    , a type of German public humiliation device
  • Prang, Australian and New Zealand slang for a minor traffic accident
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