A postmaster is the head of an individual post office
Post office
A post office is a facility forming part of a postal system for the posting, receipt, sorting, handling, transmission or delivery of mail.Post offices offer mail-related services such as post office boxes, postage and packaging supplies...

. Postmistress is not used anymore in the United States, as the "master" component of the word refers to a person of authority and has no gender quality. When a postmaster is responsible for an entire mail distribution organization (usually sponsored by a national government), the title of Postmaster General is commonly used.

Responsibilities of a postmaster typically include management of a centralized mail distribution facility, establishment of letter carrier routes, supervision of letter carriers and clerks, and enforcement of the organization's rules and procedures.

The level of pay is based on deliveries and revenue of the post office. Levels are from EAS (Executive and Administrative Service) 11 through 26. Smaller part time post offices are EP levels 51-55. Larger metropolitan post offices are PCES (Postal Career Executive Service).

In the United States, many Postmasters are members of a management organization which consults with USPS for compensation and policy. The two management organizations are the National Association of Postmasters of the United States (NAPUS) which has approximately 80% of Postmasters as members and the National League of Postmasters, which is a smaller group. Some Postmasters are members of both organizations.

In the United States, women have served as postmasters since the Revolutionary War and even earlier, under British rule. "Postmaster," regardless of the person's sex, has always been the official title for this position.

In Canada, many early places are named after the first postmaster.

Use in coaching

In the days of horse-drawn carriage
A carriage is a wheeled vehicle for people, usually horse-drawn; litters and sedan chairs are excluded, since they are wheelless vehicles. The carriage is especially designed for private passenger use and for comfort or elegance, though some are also used to transport goods. It may be light,...

s, a postmaster was an individual from whom horses and/or riders (known as postilion
A postilion rider was the driver of a horse-drawn coach or post chaise, mounted on one of the drawing horses...

s or "post-boys") could be hired. The postmaster would reside in a "post house".

Earnings and Wage

USPS Postmaster averages around $60,000, with the upper limit being approximately $74,000 and an entry level salary of $55,000

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