Plaridel, Bulacan
The Battle of Plaridel was fought in 1945 between troops of the Philippine Commonwealth Army units and the local Bulaceño resistance fighters and those the Japanese Imperial forces in the town municipality of Plaridel.


Plaridel is divided into 19 barangay
A barangay is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward...

s. In 1954, sitio
A sitio in the Philippines is a territorial enclave that forms part of a barangay, the location of which may be distant from the center of the barangay itself....

 Mayamot in Barrio Banga was changed to Bagong Silang while a sitio in the eastern part of barrio Tabang, called Bagong Silang, was created.
  • Agnaya
  • Bagong Silang
  • Banga I
  • Banga II
  • Bintog
  • Bulihan
  • Culianin
  • Dampol
  • Lagundi
  • Lalangan
  • Lumang Bayan
  • Parulan
  • Poblacion
  • Rueda
  • San Jose
  • Santa Ines
  • Santo Niño
  • Sipat
  • Tabang

Cultural References

Plaridel is the location of GMA Network
GMA Network
GMA Network is a major commercial television & radio network in the Philippines. GMA Network is owned by GMA Network, Inc. a publicly listed company...

's Fantaserye Darna(2009) Zaido(2007) Iglot (2011-Present)and afternoon drama series, Nita Negrita. And the Judy Ann Santos-Sarah Geronimo Movie: Hating Kapatid in July 2010.
And recently, ABS-CBN
ABS–CBN Corporation is a Philippine-based media conglomerate. It is the Philippines' largest media and entertainment conglomerate. The corporation was the merger of Alto Broadcasting System which at that time owned by James Lindenberg and Antonio Quirino, and the Chronicle Broadcasting Network ...

's drama anthology Maalaala mo kaya: Toga starring Albie Casiño and Erich Gonzales.

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