Pictures (Leon Bolier album)
Pictures is the debut studio album by Trance
Trance music
Trance is a genre of electronic dance music that developed in the 1990s.:251 It is generally characterized by a tempo of between 125 and 150 bpm,:252 repeating melodic synthesizer phrases, and a musical form that builds up and breaks down throughout a track...

 artist Leon Bolier
Leon Bolier
Leon Bolier is a Dutch classically trained trance composer, DJ, and record producer. His career began to flourish in 2008 with a number of successful song releases including the hit song "Ocean Drive Boulevard". He placed #95 on DJMag's 2008 list of the top 100 DJ's in the world, and moved up 32...

, released on September 29, 2008.

Disc one

  1. "Huachinango"
  2. "Off Shore"
  3. "Darling Harbour"
  4. "Dnipro"
  5. "I Finally Found" (featuring Simon Binkenborn)
  6. "XD"
  7. "Interludium"
  8. "Meditate"
  9. "YE"
  10. "Beyrouth"
  11. "Ocean Drive Boulevard"
  12. "Longing For" (featuring Jady-Mayne)

Disc two

  1. "Singapore"
  2. "Summernight Confessions"
  3. Leon Bolier & Daniel Wanrooy - "Lust"
  4. Leon Bolier & DJ Astrid - "Crazy People" (Alternative Mix)
  5. Leon Bolier & Galen Behr - "Acapulco"
  6. "Poseidon"
  7. Leon Bolier & Jonas Steur
    Jonas Steur
    Jonas Steur is a Belgian Trance DJ and producer. He is known under several additional aliases, most notably Estuera, the name under which he released most of his music until 2005 when he began DJing and releasing music under his birth name Jonas Steur...

     - "Lost Luggage"
  8. Leon Bolier Vs. Cliff Coenraad & Thomas Hagenbeek - "Dirtbiter"
  9. Leon Bolier & Global Illumination - "Portraits of Spain"
  10. Leon Bolier & Sied van Riel
    Sied van Riel
    Sied van Riel is a Dutch trance music DJ and producer originally from Rotterdam but currently residing in Spijkenisse, Netherlands. He came into the scene in the year of 2006 with the production of his first track, "Fearless" and the following year was signed to the known label Spinnin Records...

    - "Exhibit" (featuring Maria Georgiou aka MIA)
  11. Leon Bolier & Joop - "Strike One"
  12. "Artefakt"
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