Phillip Reed
Phillip Reed was an American
United States
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An actor is a person who acts in a dramatic production and who works in film, television, theatre, or radio in that capacity...

. He was perhaps best known for his role as Steve Wilson in a series of four films (1947–1948) based on the Big Town
Big Town
Big Town is a popular long-running radio drama series which was later adapted to both film and television and a comic book published by DC Comics.-Radio:...

 radio series. Television appearances include a lead role in the 1955 anthology drama  series Police Call
Police Call
Police Report is a weekend RTHK programme in Hong Kong, similar to Crimewatch in the UK or America's Most Wanted in the United States. It is broadcast in English and Cantonese versions , and each episode differ only in broadcast language and cast...

. He also appeared as King Toranshah in the 1965 Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley
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 musical film Harum Scarum
Harum Scarum
Harum Scarum is a 1965 musical comedy film starring Elvis Presley which was shot on the original Cecil B. DeMille set from the film The King of Kings. Some of the film was based on Rudolph Valentino's The Sheik released in 1921...

. His interment was located at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery
Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale
Forest Lawn Memorial Park is a privately owned cemetery in Glendale, California. It is the original location of Forest Lawn, a chain of cemeteries in Southern California. The land was formerly part of Providencia Ranch.-History:...

 in Glendale, California
Glendale, California
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