Phenolic aldehyde
Phenolic aldehydes are a type of natural phenol
Natural phenol
Natural phenols, bioavailable phenols, plant phenolics, low molecular weight phenols or phenoloids are a class of natural products. They are small molecules containing one or more phenolic group. These molecules are smaller in size than polyphenols, containing less than 12 phenolic groups...

. Phenolics aldehydes can be found in wines and cognacs.

Examples :
  • Hydroxybenzaldehydes
  • Protocatechuic aldehyde
    Protocatechuic aldehyde
    Protocatechuic aldehyde is a phenolic aldehyde, a compound released from cork stoppers into wine.This molecule can be used as a precursor in the vanillin synthesis by biotransformation by Capsicum frutescens cell cultures....

  • Vanillin
    Vanillin is a phenolic aldehyde, an organic compound with the molecular formula C8H8O3. Its functional groups include aldehyde, ether, and phenol. It is the primary component of the extract of the vanilla bean. It is also found in Leptotes bicolor, roasted coffee and the Chinese red pine...

     and isovanillin
    Isovanillin is a phenolic aldehyde, an organic compound and isomer of vanillin. It is a selective inhibitor of aldehyde oxidase. It is not a substrate of that enzyme, and is metabolized by aldehyde dehydrogenase into isovanillic acid....

  • 2,3,4-trihydroxy benzaldehyde can be isolated from Antigonon leptopus
    Antigonon leptopus
    Antigonon leptopus, commonly known as Mexican Creeper, coral vine or San Miguelito Vine, is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family, Polygonaceae, it is a perrenial, that is native to Mexico...

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