Peter Lorenz
Peter Lorenz was a German politician of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

In 1975 Lorenz was a candidate for mayor of West Berlin
West Berlin
West Berlin was a political exclave that existed between 1949 and 1990. It comprised the western regions of Berlin, which were bordered by East Berlin and parts of East Germany. West Berlin consisted of the American, British, and French occupation sectors, which had been established in 1945...

. He was kidnapped by the militant Movement 2 June
Movement 2 June
Movement 2 June was a West German terrorist organization that was based out of West Berlin. Active only from 1971–1980, the anarchist group was one of the few violent groups at the time in West Germany. Although Movement 2 June did not share the same ideology as the Red Army Faction , these...

 group three days before the elections on 27 February. The militants demanded a release of several imprisoned group members, including Horst Mahler
Horst Mahler
Horst Mahler is a former German lawyer and advocate of radical ideologies. He once was an extreme-left militant, a founding member of the Red Army Faction. Subsequently he became a Maoist and later shifted to the extreme-right. He was for a time a member of the National Democratic Party of Germany...

, one of the founders of the Red Army Faction
Red Army Faction
The radicalized were, like many in the New Left, influenced by:* Sociological developments, pressure within the educational system in and outside Europe and the U.S...

 (RAF) and future RAF militants Verena Becker
Verena Becker
Verena Becker was a West German member of the Movement 2 June and later the Red Army Faction. She was under the control of West German intelligence since 1972 at least.-Terrorist career:...

 and Rolf Heissler.
Although Mahler refused to be exchanged, the other prisoners were set free.

After the militants had been flown out to Aden
Aden is a seaport city in Yemen, located by the eastern approach to the Red Sea , some 170 kilometres east of Bab-el-Mandeb. Its population is approximately 800,000. Aden's ancient, natural harbour lies in the crater of an extinct volcano which now forms a peninsula, joined to the mainland by a...

, South Yemen, Lorenz was set free on 4 March. He had won the plurality (43.9%) of votes while being absent, nevertheless Klaus Schütz
Klaus Schütz
Klaus Schütz is a German politician of the Social Democratic Party .-Biography:He was Mayor of West Berlin from 1967 to 1977, serving as President of the Bundesrat in 1967/68. After his resignation he worked as German Ambassador to Israel until 1981 and Director General of the Deutsche Welle...

 relying on a coalition of Social Democrats
Social Democratic Party of Germany
The Social Democratic Party of Germany is a social-democratic political party in Germany...

 and Free Democrats remained mayor.

One of the freed prisoners, Rolf Heißler, became a member of the group which abducted Hanns-Martin Schleyer in 1977 to exchange him for imprisoned RAF members. After the operation had failed, Schleyer was killed. Heißler was one of his two murderers.
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