Persian means of, from, or related to Persia (Iran), or the Persian-speaking world. See:
  • Persian people
    Persian people
    The Persian people are part of the Iranian peoples who speak the modern Persian language and closely akin Iranian dialects and languages. The origin of the ethnic Iranian/Persian peoples are traced to the Ancient Iranian peoples, who were part of the ancient Indo-Iranians and themselves part of...

    , the majority ethnic group of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan
  • Persian language
    Persian language
    Persian is an Iranian language within the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages. It is primarily spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and countries which historically came under Persian influence...

    , an Iranian language of the Indo-European family
  • Persian alphabet, Perso-Arabic script
  • Persian architecture
  • Persian art
  • Persian calendar
  • Persian carpet
  • Persian cuisine
  • Persian Empire (disambiguation)
  • Persian Gulf
    Persian Gulf
    The Persian Gulf, in Southwest Asia, is an extension of the Indian Ocean located between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.The Persian Gulf was the focus of the 1980–1988 Iran-Iraq War, in which each side attacked the other's oil tankers...

    , the Khaleej
  • Persian literature
    Persian literature
    Persian literature spans two-and-a-half millennia, though much of the pre-Islamic material has been lost. Its sources have been within historical Persia including present-day Iran as well as regions of Central Asia where the Persian language has historically been the national language...

  • Persian philosophy
  • Persian religions
    Persian religions
    Several important religions and religious movements originated in Greater Iran, that is, among speakers of various Iranian languages and hence with an Iranian cultural background...

    , historic religions originating from Persia
  • Persian traditional music

Other uses

  • Persian (cat)
  • Parrotia persica, the Persian ironwood tree
  • Persian melon
    Persian melon
    Persian melon, binomial name cucumis melo, is a type of melon. It is orange in color and has a strongly netted, unridged rind. It is also known as the "Patelquat". These are most commonly found wild in all western countries and in its native Iran...

  • Persian (pastry)
    Persian (pastry)
    A Persian is an oval-shaped, cinnamon-bun-like pastry with a sweet, pink icing made of either raspberries or strawberries. It originated in and remains particular to the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Persians are also well known in Wisconsin...

    , a pastry native to Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • Alpha Gruis
    Alpha Gruis
    Alpha Gruis is the brightest star in the constellation Grus.Alpha Gruis has a proper name Alnair or Al Nair , came from the Arabic al-nayyir [an-nai:r], meaning "the bright one"...

    , the star also known as "The Persian"
  • The Persian
    The Persian
    The Persian is a major character from the Gaston Leroux novel The Phantom of the Opera. In the book he is the one who tells most of the background of Erik's history...

    , a character from Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera
  • Persian, a fictional species of Pokémon
    is a media franchise published and owned by the video game company Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996. Originally released as a pair of interlinkable Game Boy role-playing video games developed by Game Freak, Pokémon has since become the second most successful and lucrative video...

See also

  • Persia (disambiguation)
    Persia (disambiguation)
    Persia may refer to the following:*Iran, the country's exonym, officially and unofficially, in the West until 1935 was Persia. In that year the official exonym was equated with the ancient endonym, Iran, per Reza Shah Pahlavi's request...

  • List of Persia-related topics
  • List of Persian poets and authors
  • Iranian (disambiguation)
  • Culture of Iran
    Culture of Iran
    To best understand Iran, Afghanistan, their related societies and their people, one must first attempt to acquire an understanding of their culture. It is in the study of this area where the Persian identity optimally expresses itself...

  • Demographics of Iran
    Demographics of Iran
    Iran's population increased dramatically during the later half of the 20th century, reaching about 75 million by 2011. In recent years, however, Iran's birth rate has dropped significantly. Studies project that Iran's rate of population growth will continue to slow until it stabilizes above 100...

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