Parascyllium is a genus of Carptesharks in the family Parascylliidae. It currently contains the following species:
  • Parascyllium collare E. P. Ramsay
    Edward Pierson Ramsay
    Edward Pierson Ramsay was an Australian zoologist who specialised in ornithology.-Early life:Pierson was born in Dobroyd Estate, Long Cove, Sydney and educated at St Mark's Collegiate School, The King's School, Parramatta...

     & Ogilby
    James Douglas Ogilby
    James Douglas Ogilby was an Australian ichthyologist.Ogilby was born in Belfast, Ireland, and was the son of zoologist William Ogilby. He received his education at Winchester College, England, and Trinity College, Dublin.Ogilby worked for the British Museum before joining the Australian Museum in...

    , 1888
    (Collared carpetshark)
  • Parascyllium elongatum Last & Stevens, 2008 (Elongate carpetshark)
  • Parascyllium ferrugineum McCulloch
    Alan Riverstone McCulloch
    Alan Riverstone McCulloch was a prominent Australian ichthyologist.McCulloch was born in Sydney, and began his scientific career at the age of 13 as an unpaid assistant to Edgar Ravenswood Waite in the Australian Museum there; Waite encouraged McCulloch to study zoology...

    , 1911
    (Rusty carpetshark)
  • Parascyllium sparsimaculatum T. Goto & Last, 2002 (Ginger carpetshark)
  • Parascyllium variolatum (A. H. A. Duméril, 1853) (Necklace carpetshark)
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