Padla II of Kakheti
P'adla II (died 929
Year 929 was a common year starting on Thursday of the Julian calendar.- Asia :* Mpu Sindok, ruler of the Mataram Kingdom, moves his court from Central Java to East Java in Indonesia.- Europe :...

 AD) was a prince and chorepiscopus of Kakheti
Kakheti is a historical province in Eastern Georgia inhabited by Kakhetians who speak a local dialect of Georgian. It is bordered by the small mountainous province of Tusheti and the Greater Caucasus mountain range to the north, Russian Federation to the Northeast, Azerbaijan to the Southeast, and...

 in eastern Georgia
Georgia (country)
Georgia is a sovereign state in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the southwest by Turkey, to the south by Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. The capital of...

 from 918 to 929.

He succeeded upon the death of his father, Kvirike I
Kvirike I of Kakheti
Kvirike I was a prince and chorepiscopus of Kakheti in eastern Georgia from 893 to 918.He succeeded upon the death of Padla I of Kakheti, his possible father. In 914, he faced an Arab invasion led by Yusuf Ibn Abi'l-Saj who took hold of the fortresses of Ujarma and Bochorma, but the former was...

. His rule was marked by the Arab raids into Kakheti and Padla’s involvement in the struggles and dynastic feuds in various Caucasian
The Caucasus, also Caucas or Caucasia , is a geopolitical region at the border of Europe and Asia, and situated between the Black and the Caspian sea...

 polities. Early in his reign he lost the fortress of Orchobi to the neighboring ruler Adaranase Patrikios of Hereti
Hereti was a historic province in the medieval Caucasus on the Georgian-Albanian frontier. It roughly corresponds to the southeastern corner of Georgia's Kakheti region and a portion of Azerbaijan's northwestern districts.-History:...

 who had ceded it to Padla’s father. In 922, Padla aided King Ashot II of Armenia in crushing the revolt by prince Moses of Utik
Utik was a historic province of the Kingdom of Armenia and a region of Caucasian Albania. Most of the region is located within present-day Azerbaijan immediately west of the Kura River while a part of it lies within the Tavush province of present-day northeastern Armenia.-History:According to...

. Later in his reign, he also assisted George II of Abkhazia
George II of Abkhazia
George II was King of the Abkhazians from 916 AD until 960 AD. His lengthy reign is regarded as a zenith of cultural flowering and political power of his realm....

 against his rebellious son Prince Constantine. He was succeeded by his son Kvirike II
Kvirike II of Kakheti
Kvirike II was a prince and chorepiscopus of Kakheti in eastern Georgia from 929 to 976.He succeeded upon the death of his father, Padla II.-Long Reign:...

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