Ojo Por Ojo
Ojo Por Ojo is a Spanish-language telenovela
A telenovela is a limited-run serial dramatic programming popular in Latin American, Portuguese, and Spanish television programming. The word combines tele, short for televisión or televisão , and novela, a Spanish or Portuguese word for "novel"...

 to be produced by the United States-based television
Television is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images that can be monochrome or colored, with accompanying sound...

 network Telemundo
Telemundo is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish. The network is the second-largest Spanish-language content producer in the world, and the second-largest Spanish-language network in the United States, behind Univision....

 and RTI Colombia
RTI Colombia
RTI Colombia, also known as Radio Televisión Interamericana , is a Colombian television production company. It aired 14.5 per week of programming each week in 1993....

. From Gustavo Bolivar, the story is based on Laura Restrepo's novel, "El Leopardo al Sol."

Telemundo is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish. The network is the second-largest Spanish-language content producer in the world, and the second-largest Spanish-language network in the United States, behind Univision....

 will air the serial from Monday to Friday over about 20 weeks. As with most of its other soap operas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.

Main cast in order of appearance

Actor Character(s) Descriptions
Gaby Espino
Gaby Espino
María Gabriela "Gaby" Espino Rugero is a Venezuelan actress and model. She best known for her roles in telenovelas.-Biography:...

Alina Jericó de Monsalve Wife of Manny; Former Love of Nando, daughter of Yomaira
Miguel Varoni
Miguel Varoni
Miguel Américo Belloto Gutiérrez born 11 December 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a Colombian-Argentinian host, actor and director...

Nando Barragán Villain. Boss Barragán's Clan; Father of Arcángel; In Love with Alina, lover of Milena. Killed mutually with Mani
Gregorio Pernía  Manny Monsalve Villain. Boss Monsalve's Clan; Husband of Alina. Killed mutually with Nando '
Carmen Villalobos
Carmen Villalobos
Carmen Villalobos is a Colombian actress, most recognized for her supporting roles in several telenovelas including La Tormenta and Amores de Mercado...

Nadya Monsalve Daughter of Frepe; In Love with Arcángel
Gonzalo García Vivanco  Arcangel Barragan Son of Nando; In Love with Nadya
Juan Carlos Vargas Frepe Monsalve Villain. Brother of Manny. Nadia's father. Killed by Magdalena '
Marcelo Cezán  Narciso Barragan Villain. Brother of Nando. Killed by an explosion caused by Fernelly '
Manuel José Chávez Hugo Monsalve Villain; Nephew of Manny and Frepe; In love with Nadya. Killed by Nando
Ana Soler Mona Barragán Sister of Nando; In Love with Hugo, crazy. Commits suicide by throwing herself to the river.'
Oscar Borda Tin Puyua Villain. Man of Monsalve's Clan, legitimate brother of the Monsalves, gay. Killed by Nando
Ramiro Meneses Fernely Villain. Man of Monsalve's Clan, far away cousin of the Monsalves. killed by Nando '
Sara Corrales
Sara Corrales
Sara Corrales is a Colombian actress, model, dancer and business owner. She is renowned for her appearance on the 2004 telenovela Todos quieren con Marilyn as Catalina Osorio, a role which won her the TV y Novelas award to the revelation of the year, and the 2008 telenovela Vecinos where she...

Karina Muñoz Prostitute, In Love with Raca
Alberto Valdiri Lic. Miguel Mendez Lawyer and messager of the Monsalves and Barragans, in love with Alina
Claudia Moreno
Claudia Moreno
Claudia Cristina Moreno González is a Venezuelan beauty pageant titleholder. She was the official representative of Venezuela to the Miss Universe 2000 pageant, held in Nicosia, Cyprus on May 12, 2000; she won the title of 1st Runner Up...

Magdalena Barragán "La Muda" Adopted sister of Nando, In love with Arcángel. Was shooted by Frepe, but before she dies, she killed him.
Ines Oviedo Milena Montes Prostitute; In love with Nando. Commits suicide by hanging herself'
Hector Garcia Raca Barragan Brother of Nando; In love with Karina. Killed by the Monsalves, mainly Tin Puyúa
Linda Baldrich Lorena Vivas Prostitute, Lover of Narciso and secret affair with Manny
Karina Laverde Severina Barragán Mother of Nando, Narciso, Mona and Raca, adoptive mother of Magdalena. Dies of sadness after Racas death

Secondary Cast

Actor Character(s) Descriptions
Paula Barreto Melba Foucon Alinas best friend. Gives etiquette classes. At the beginning she had dremas with Manny.
Natalia Giraldo Yomaira Alinas mother. Ends up in the hospital.
Francisco Bolivar Marcos Barragan Nandos and Soledad Branchos son. Gay.
Lucy Colombia Arias Roberta Caracola Witch woman that heals people. Dies.
Roberto Cano Adriano Monsalve Best friend and cousin of Nando. Killed by Nando at the beginninng.
Julio del Mar Ito Monsalve Father of the Monsalves. Killed by the Barragans.
Julian Diaz Cachumbos Man of the Barragans clan. Killed by Tin Puyua.
Emerson Yañez Simón Blaas Man of the Barragans clan. Killed by Manny.
Jacob Isaza Diablo Man of the Barragans clan. Killed by Mona.
Martha Restrepo Martha Sister of Manny and Frepe. Mother of Marcela.
Alejandra Lugo Marcela Daughter of Martha.Cousin of Hugo and Nadya.
Carla Ramírez Soledad Bracho Mother of Marcos. Had an affair with Nando and Adriano. Dies by disease.
Jose Luis Paniagua Maelo Friend of the Barragans. Drug dealer. Killed by the police.
Herbert King Coronel Buitrago Colonel of the city. Wants to put the Barragans and the Monsalves in jail. Killed by the Monsalves.
Victor Carrizo Used to be Nandos friend. Kidnapped Arcangel. Killed by Nando.
Yeimy Ramirez Perla one of Carrizos women. Betrayed Carrizo to help Arcangel. Killed by Carrizos men.
Nini Pabon Monica One of Carrizos woman. Killed mutually with one of Carrizos guy.
Valeria Chagui María Nadyas friend in Mexico. Daughter of Doña Lupe.
Carmen Delgado Doña Lupe Helped Nadya when she was in Mexico. Motehr of María. Blind.
Ricardo Abarca Gustavo Nadyas friend in Mexico. In love with Nadya. Son of Doña Chavela.
Graciela Doring Doña Chavela Mother of Gustavo. Helped Nadya when she was in Mexico.
Don Alfredo Owner of the bar where Nadya and Arcangel worked at Mexico. Helped them.
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