Nyahururu is a town in Kenya
Kenya , officially known as the Republic of Kenya, is a country in East Africa that lies on the equator, with the Indian Ocean to its south-east...

, lying east of Nakuru
Nakuru, the provincial capital of Kenya's Rift Valley province, with roughly 300,000 inhabitants, and currently the fourth largest urban centre in the country, lies about 1850 m above sea level...

. It is part of Laikipia District in Rift Valley Province. Despite this, Nyahururu formerly functioned as the administrative capital of Nyandarua District
Nyandarua District
Nyandarua District is an administrative district in the Central Province of Kenya. Its capital town is Ol Kalou. Formerly the capital was Nyahururu, but it is now part of the Laikipia District. Nyandarua District has population of 479,902 and an area of 3,304 km²...

, one of seven districts that constitute Central Province
Central Province (Kenya)
Kenya's Central Province covers an area of 13,191 km² and is located to north of Nairobi and west of Mt. Kenya. The province had 4,383,743 inhabitants according to the 2009 census...

 in Kenya, until the headquarters was shifted to Ol Kalou
Ol Kalou
Ol Kalou is a town in Kenya. It is the headquarters of Nyandarua District of Central Province. It is located west of Aberdare range and 40 kilometres east of Nakuru. Ol Kalou is connected by road to Gilgil, Nyahururu and Nakuru...

. There have been calls for a reversal. The town has an urban population of 24,751.

Nyahururu was founded as Thomson Falls after the 70 metre high Thomson's Falls
Thomson's Falls
Thomson's Falls is a 74 m scenic waterfall on the Ewaso Narok river, which drains from the Aberdare Mountain Range. It is situated near the town Nyahururu in central Kenya, at 2,360 m elevation. 1883 Joseph Thomson was the first European to reach Thomson Falls, and named them for his father...

 on the nearby Ewaso Nyiro River, which drains from the Aberdare mountain range
Aberdare Range
The Aberdare Range is a 160 km long mountain range of upland, north of Kenya's capital Nairobi with an average elevation of . It is located in west central Kenya, northeast of Naivasha and Gilgil and just south of the Equator...