Saint Ninian
Saint Ninian
Saint Ninian is a Christian saint first mentioned in the 8th century as being an early missionary among the Pictish peoples of what is now Scotland...

was a medieval Christian bishop who evangelized the Picts.

Ninian may also refer to:
  • Ninian Edwards
    Ninian Edwards
    Ninian Edwards was a founding political figure of the state of Illinois. He served as the first and only governor of the Illinois Territory from 1809 to 1818, as one of the first two United States Senators from Illinois from 1818 to 1824, and as the third Governor of Illinois from 1826 to 1830...

     (1775 – July 20, 1833), former Governor of Illinois
  • Ninian Stephen
    Ninian Stephen
    Sir Ninian Martin Stephen, is a retired politician and judge, who served as the 20th Governor-General of Australia and as a Justice in the High Court of Australia.-Early life:...

     (born 1923), former Governor-General of Australia
  • Ninian Park
    Ninian Park
    Ninian Park was a football stadium in Leckwith, Cardiff, Wales. Until 2009, it was the home ground of Cardiff City F.C., who compete in the English Football League Championship...

    , a football stadium in Cardiff
  • Ninian Central Platform
    Ninian Central Platform
    The Ninian Central Platform is an oil platform in the North Sea. When constructed in Loch Kishorn, Scotland in 1978 the 600,000 tonne platform was the world's largest man-made movable object before being towed to its current position and fixed to the sea floor.It is a circular concrete gravity...

    , an oil platform in the North Sea
  • Ninian, character in Nintendo's Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
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