In Hawaiian mythology
Hawaiian mythology
Hawaiian mythology refers to the legends, historical tales and sayings of the ancient Hawaiian people. It is considered a variant of a more general Polynesian mythology, developing its own unique character for several centuries before about 1800. It is associated with the Hawaiian religion...

, Nāmaka (or Nā-maka-o-Kahai, the eyes of Kahai) appears as a sea goddess or a water spirit in the Pele cycle. She is an older sister of Pele-honua-mea
Pele (mythology)
In the Hawaiian religion, Pele is the goddess of fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes. She is a popular figure in many stories of ancient Hawaii known as Hawaiian mythology.-Legends:...

. She is the daughter of Ku-waha-ilo and Haumea, whose other children are Pele, the Hiiaka
In Hawaiian mythology, Hiiaka is a daughter of Haumea and Kāne. She was the patron goddess of Hawaii and the hula dancers, and takes on the task of bearing the clouds - variously, those of storms and those produced by her sister's volcanos, and lived in a grove of Lehua trees which are sacred to...

 sisters, the Kama brothers, and the bird Halulu. Aukelenuiaiku becomes her husband in Kahiki, then later the husband of Pele, and because of this Pele, the Hiiaka sisters, Malulani, and Kaōhelo
In Polynesian mythology , Ka'ōhelo is a mortal sister of Pele, the goddess of fire. Upon her death, she was transformed into the sacred 'Ohelo shrub....

 migrate to Hawaii. In Thrum's
Thrum's Hawaiian Annual
Thrum's Hawaiian Annual is a statistical compendium of Hawaiiana ranging from Hawaiian mythology to Hawaiian language to sites of interest in Hawaii, published by Star-Bulletin Printing Co....

 Kane-huna-moku myth she is called the chiefess of the Mu and Menehune
In Hawaiian mythology, the Menehune [pronounced meh-neh-HOO-neh] are said to be a people, sometimes described as dwarfs in size, who live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian Islands, far from the eyes of normal humans. Their favorite food is the maia , but they also like...

 people when they are summoned to build the watercourse for Kikiaola
Kīkīaola is a historic irrigation ditch located near Waimea on the island of Kauai in the U.S. state of Hawaii. Also known as "Menehune Ditch" or "Peekauai Ditch," it was added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 16, 1984...

 at Waimea
Waimea, Kauai County, Hawaii
Waimea is a census-designated place in Kauai County, Hawaii, United States. The population was 1,787 at the 2000 census...

 on Kauai (Beckwith 1970:193, 495).

When Pele causes a conflagration by staying too close to the fire god Lono-makua, Nāmaka drives her away (Beckwith 1970:170). Another legend mentions that Nāmaka's guardian dog, Moela is reduced to ashes when he touches Aukele (Beckwith 1970:348).

Namaka (moon)
Namaka (moon)
Namaka is the smaller, inner moon of the dwarf planet Haumea. It is named after Nāmaka, one of the daughters of Haumea, the goddess of the sea in Hawaiian mythology.- Discovery :Namaka was discovered on 30 June 2005 and announced on November 29, 2005...

, the smaller moon of the dwarf planet Haumea
In Hawaiian mythology, Haumea is the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and childbirth. She is the mother of Pele, Kanemilohai, Kā-moho-alii, Nāmakaokaha'i, Kapo and HiiakaikapolioPele. She was a powerful being, and gave birth to many creatures, some after turning herself into a young woman to marry...

is named after Nāmaka.
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