Mitsubishi Pajero Junior
The Mitsubishi Pajero Junior is a mini SUV
Mini SUV
Mini SUV is a class of small sport utility vehicles with a length under . This class should not be confused with compact SUV, which refers to slightly larger vehicles, from ....

 produced by Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors
Mitsubishi Motors
is a multinational automaker headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. In 2009 it was the fifth-largest Japan-based automaker and the 17th-largest in the world measured by production...

 between 1995 and 1998. Based on a lengthened Minica
Mitsubishi Minica
-Minica Sedan:The first Minica was first introduced in October 1962 as a two-door sedan based on the Mitsubishi 360 light truck, sharing its front-mounted ME21 359 cc twin-cylinder air-cooled engine driving the rear wheels, transverse leaf springs in front and beam axle/leaf springs at the...

 platform, it was a larger version of the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini
Mitsubishi Pajero Mini
The Mitsubishi Pajero Mini is a kei car produced by Mitsubishi Motors since December 1994.-Overview:Based on the platform of the Minica, the Pajero Mini was styled as a miniature version of the company's successful Pajero sport utility vehicle, in response to the SUV craze of the late 1980s and...

, though unlike that car it was too big to qualify for the kei car
Kei car
Kei cars, K-cars, or , are a Japanese category of small vehicles, including passenger cars, vans, and pickup trucks. They are designed to comply with Japanese government tax and insurance regulations, and in most rural areas are exempted from the requirement to certify that adequate parking is...


The popularity of the vehicle inspired Mitsubishi to create several limited editions, including the "Pajero Jr. McTwist", and "Pajero Jr. Lynx", which were exhibited at the 32nd Tokyo Motor Show
Tokyo Motor Show
The is a biennial auto show held in October-November at the Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, Japan for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association , it is a recognized international show by the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs...

in 1997.

Annual production and sales

Year Production
1995 30,605
1996 24,690
1997 13,934
1998 149

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