Mastalus I of Amalfi
Mastalus I (died 953) was the penultimate patricius of Amalfi. He was succeeded by his son, Mastalus II
Mastalus II of Amalfi
Mastalus II was the first duke of Amalfi from 957 until his death.He succeeded his father as patricius in 953, when he was still a minor. He came of age in 957 and was elected dux, raising him to equal rank with the Dukes of Gaeta and Naples. In the next year, he was assassinated by Sergius of...

, who was raised to the status of dux
Dux is Latin for leader and later for Duke and its variant forms ....

. His own father was the last prefect
Prefect is a magisterial title of varying definition....

, Manso I
Manso, Prefect of Amalfi
Manso I or II was the Prefect of Amalfi from 898 to 914.He succeeded, or may have deposed, Stephen, a relative of the first ruling family, and to whom he was unrelated. In 900, he associated his son Mastalus with him, following a practice that was to become widespread in the Mezzogiorno...


In 946, he came to the rescue of Gisulf I of Salerno
Gisulf I of Salerno
Gisulf I was the eldest son of his father, Guaimar II, and his second wife Gaitelgrima. He was associated with his father as prince of Salerno in 943 and he succeeded him on his death in 952...

, who was assaulted by an alliance of Landulf II of Benevento
Landulf II of Benevento
Landulf II , called the Red, was the Lombard prince of Benevento and prince of Capua from 939 or 940, when his father, Landulf I, first associated him with the government, his mother was Gemma, daughter of Athanasius of Naples. He may have been associated as early as 933, when his elder brother,...

 and John III of Naples
John III of Naples
John III was the longest-reigning Duke of Naples . He was the son and successor of Marinus I.At the beginning of his reign, he warred against the Saracens and then made a treaty with them after they appeared beneath his walls in 929...

. Mastalus ambushed Landulf's forces in the pass at La Cava
Cava de' Tirreni
Cava de’ Tirreni is a city and comune in the region of Campania, Italy, in the province of Salerno, 10 km northwest of the town of Salerno...

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