Mastalus II of Amalfi
Mastalus II (died 957) was the first duke of Amalfi from 957 until his death.

He succeeded his father as patricius in 953, when he was still a minor. He came of age in 957 and was elected dux
Dux is Latin for leader and later for Duke and its variant forms ....

, raising him to equal rank with the Dukes of Gaeta and Naples. In the next year, he was assassinated by Sergius
Sergius I of Amalfi
Sergius I was the second Duke of Amalfi and first of the Musco Comite family.In 958, Sergius, a citizen of the city of Amalfi, assassinated the first duke, Mastalus II and usurped the throne. In order to establish a ducal dynasty as in Naples and Gaeta, he immediately associated his son Manso I...

 of Musco Comite family on the Monte di Scala.

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