Marka may refer to:
  • Marka people
    Marka people
    The Marka people are a Soninke people of northwest Mali. They speak the Manding Marka language.-History:...

    , a people of Mali in Western Africa
    • Marka language
      Marka language
      -External links:**...

      , the language of the Marka people
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
    Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
    The Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark is the currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is divided into 100 fenings...

     (konvertibilna marka), the currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Marka, Oslo
    Marka, Oslo
    Marka is the name of the forested and hilly areas surrounding Oslo, Norway. It includes areas within the municipality of Oslo, but also large areas in Hole, Ringerike, Jevnaker, Lunner, Nittedal, Bærum, Asker, and other municipalities in Oppland and Akershus counties.The name is actually just the...

    , the area surrounding Oslo, Norway
  • Merca
    Merca is a port city on the coast of southern Somalia, facing the Indian Ocean. It is the main town in the Shabeellaha Hoose region, and is located approximately southwest of the nation's capital, Mogadishu.-History:...

     , a port city in Somalia
  • Marka (launch site)
    Marka (launch site)
    Marka is the designation of a locality in Southern Norway, at coordinates . In the proximity of Marka some sounding rockets of the type Super Loki were launched between November 1983 and January 1984....

    , a missile launch site in Norway
  • Marka refugee camp
    Marka refugee camp
    The Marka refugee camp is one of six "emergency" camps erected in 1968 to shelter 15,000 Palestinian refugees and displaced persons who left the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as a result of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war...

    , a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan
  • Marka International Airport, an alternative name for Amman Civil Airport in Jordan
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