Maria Burmaka
Maria Burmaka is a Ukrainian singer, musician and songwriter in genres of rock
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, pop
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, folk
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Burmaka began singing Ukrainian songs while studying in a guitar class in a musical school. In 1987 she entered the faculty of philology
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 of Kharkiv University
Kharkiv University
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 of Karazin. A year later she started composing her own songs on the Ukrainian poetry. In 1989 Maria was the winner of the Sung Poetry festival in Lutsk
Lutsk is a city located by the Styr River in northwestern Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Volyn Oblast and the administrative center of the surrounding Lutskyi Raion within the oblast...

. Then she became "silver medalist" of the Chervona Ruta
Chervona Ruta (festival)
Chervona Ruta is an art festival in Ukraine. The name of the festival derives to the famous Ukrainian song Červona Ruta. The first festival took place in Chernivtsi in 1989 because this city is situated in the native region of song's author Volodymyr Ivasyuk.Next years the festival occurred in...

festival. The "Kobza" firm released an audio-cassette with her guitar songs.

In January 1992 the Canadian record company "Yewshan" released Burmaka’s first CD album titled Maria.

Burmaka released a new album in 1998 entitled Znovu lyublyu (In Love Again). The presentation of the record was special: Burmaka invited her closest friends and the press to the 17-18th century icons hall in the National Fine Arts Museum, where an acoustic guitar concert was given. She presented her new songs accompanied by the guitar only.


  • 1990 Ой не квiтни, весно (Oy ne kvitny, vesno)
  • 1992 Марiя (Mariya)
  • 1994 Лишається надiя (Lyshayet'sia nadiya)
  • 1998 Знову люблю (Znovu liubliu)
  • 2001 Iз янголом на плечi (Iz yanholom na plechi)
  • 2002 Мiа (Mia)
  • 2003 I Am
  • 2004 N9
  • 2008 Саундтреки (Soundtracks)

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