Man and His Symbols
Man and His Symbols is the last psychological work undertaken by Carl Jung
Carl Jung
Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of Analytical Psychology. Jung is considered the first modern psychiatrist to view the human psyche as "by nature religious" and make it the focus of exploration. Jung is one of the best known researchers in the field of dream analysis and...

 before his death in 1961. First published in 1964, it is divided into five parts, four of which are written by associates of Jung: Joseph L. Henderson, Marie-Louise von Franz
Marie-Louise von Franz
Marie-Louise von Franz was a Swiss Jungian psychologist and scholar.-Early life and education:Von Franz was born in Munich, Germany, the daughter of an Austrian baron. In Switzerland, she was known by a pet form of her Christian name, Marlus.-Career:Von Franz worked with Carl Jung, whom she met in...

, Aniela Jaffé, and Jolande Jacobi
Jolande Jacobi
Jolande Jacobi was a Swiss psychologist, best remembered for her work with Carl Jung and her writings on Jungian psychology. She was born in Budapest, Hungary as Jolande Szekacs, but became known as Jolande Jacobi after her marriage at the age of nineteen to Andor Jacobi. She spent part of her...

. The book is meant to be an introduction to Jung's theories and was originally written for a general audience rather than psychology students.


The book has been reprinted several times since initial publication, including:
  • ISBN 0-385-05221-9 (Doubleday hardcover from 1964)
  • ISBN 0-440-35183-9 (Dell mass market paperback from 1968)
  • ISBN 0-330-25321-2 (Picador paperback first published in 1978)

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