Maggie Estep
Maggie Estep is an American poet and writer. She has published six books and released two spoken word albums: Love is a Dog From Hell and No More Mr. Nice Girl.

Estep was born in 1963 in Summit, New Jersey
Summit, New Jersey
Summit is a city in Union County, New Jersey, United States. At the 2010 United States Census, the city's population was 21,457. Summit had the 16th-highest per capita income in the state as of the 2000 Census....

. As a poet, she emerged in the early 1990s when grunge was the height of fashion and her "direct, aggressive and uncompromisingly modern" poetry was highly accessible.

Estep appeared on MTV's Spoken Word Unplugged, PBS's The United States of Poetry and most recently on Season 3 of HBO's Def Poetry
Def Poetry
Def Poetry, also known as Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry or Def Poetry Jam, which was co-founded by Bruce George, Danny Simmons and Deborah Pointer, is an HBO television series produced by hip-hop music entrepreneur Russell Simmons. The series presents performances by established spoken word...

. Her video for her spoken word track "Hey Baby" received moderate rotation on MTV
MTV, formerly an initialism of Music Television, is an American network based in New York City that launched on August 1, 1981. The original purpose of the channel was to play music videos guided by on-air hosts known as VJs....

 and was highlighted on MTV's Beavis & Butt-head. She also contributed vocals to two songs on Recoil's
Recoil (band)
Recoil is a musical project created by former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder. Essentially a solo venture, Recoil began whilst Wilder was still in Depeche Mode as an outlet for his experimental, less pop-oriented compositions...

 1997 album Unsound Methods
Unsound Methods
Unsound Methods is the third Recoil studio album, released in 1997. It was recorded at Alan Wilder's home studio, The Thin Line, in Sussex, during sessions that lasted from September 1996 to March 1997. The album was produced by Alan Wilder, with assistance and coordination by Hepzibah Sessa, and...

, including the single "Control Freak".

Estep went on to write several novels, including the Ruby Murphy mystery novels, Gargantuan and Hex. Hex was named New York Times Notable Book for 2003.


  • No More Mr. Nice Girl(1994)(Mercury)
  • Love is a Dog From Hell(1997)(Mercury)
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