Luciano De Crescenzo
Luciano De Crescenzo is an Italian writer, film actor, director and engineer.

Born in Naples
Naples is a city in Southern Italy, situated on the country's west coast by the Gulf of Naples. Lying between two notable volcanic regions, Mount Vesuvius and the Phlegraean Fields, it is the capital of the region of Campania and of the province of Naples...

, he graduated in engineering and worked for IBM
International Business Machines Corporation or IBM is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and it offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas...

 Italy until 1976, when he published the bestseller Così parlò Bellavista (Thus Spoke Bellavista), a collection of facts and anecdotes about his city which sold 600,000 copies in Italy and was translated into numerous languages. In 1980 he debuted as actor in Il pap'occhio, under the direction of his friend Renzo Arbore
Renzo Arbore
Lorenzo Giovanni Arbore is an Italian TV host, showman, singer, musician, film actor and film director.-Career:...

, together with Roberto Benigni
Roberto Benigni
Roberto Remigio Benigni, Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI is an Italian actor, comedian, screenwriter and director of film, theatre and television.- Early years :...


In 1984 he directed the successful movie adaptation of Così parlò Bellavista (in which he also played the main protagonist), followed by Il mistero di Bellavista in 1985. In 1995 he wrote and directed Croce e delizia, featuring Teo Teocoli
Teo Teocoli
Teo Teocoli is an Italian actor, TV conductor, singer and writer, appearing in about 30 mostly Italian productions since 1975.-External links:...

 and Isabella Rossellini
Isabella Rossellini
Isabella Fiorella Elettra Giovanna Rossellini is an Italian actress, filmmaker, author, philanthropist, and model. Rossellini is noted for her 14-year tenure as a Lancôme model, and for her roles in films such as Blue Velvet and Death Becomes Her.-Background and early life:Rossellini is a...


In the meantime he published a long series of books, including novels and popularizations of philosophy. For his work in the field of Greek philosophy
Greek philosophy
Ancient Greek philosophy arose in the 6th century BCE and continued through the Hellenistic period, at which point Ancient Greece was incorporated in the Roman Empire...

 he received honorary citizenship of Athens
Athens , is the capital and largest city of Greece. Athens dominates the Attica region and is one of the world's oldest cities, as its recorded history spans around 3,400 years. Classical Athens was a powerful city-state...

 in 1994.

Filmography (director)

  • Così parlò Bellavista (1984)
  • Il mistero di Bellavista (1985)
  • 32 dicembre (1987)
  • Croce e delizia (1995)

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