Los Herederos Del Monte
Los Herederos Del Monte (The Del Monte Heirs) is a Spanish-language telenovela
A telenovela is a limited-run serial dramatic programming popular in Latin American, Portuguese, and Spanish television programming. The word combines tele, short for televisión or televisão , and novela, a Spanish or Portuguese word for "novel"...

 to be produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo
Telemundo is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish. The network is the second-largest Spanish-language content producer in the world, and the second-largest Spanish-language network in the United States, behind Univision....

 and RTI Colombia
RTI Colombia
RTI Colombia, also known as Radio Televisión Interamericana , is a Colombian television production company. It aired 14.5 per week of programming each week in 1993....

, with Colombia
Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia , is a unitary constitutional republic comprising thirty-two departments. The country is located in northwestern South America, bordered to the east by Venezuela and Brazil; to the south by Ecuador and Peru; to the north by the Caribbean Sea; to the...

 as location.
It is a remake of Chilean telenovela Hijos del Monte
Hijos del Monte
Hijos Del Monte is a Chilean telenovela produced by TVN. It was written by Víctor Carrasco and directed by María Eugenia Rencoret...

 produced by TVN in 2008.


The first promo of this telenovela was aired on Telemundo at 8pm slot on 1 November 2010, during the premiere of Aurora (telenovela)
Aurora (Telenovela)
Aurora is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo.Telemundo aired this serial from November 1, 2010 to May 20, 2011...

 which replaces El Clon
El Clon
El Clon is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the U.S.-based television network Telemundo and Rede Globo. It is a remake of O Clone, a Brazilian telenovela that originally aired on Globo in 2001 and on Telemundo in 2002...

. Herederos will replace El Fantasma de Elena
El Fantasma de Elena
El Fantasma de Elena is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo.The first season comprised 117 episodes transmitted in the USA from 20 July 2010 to 7 January 2011...


Telemundo is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish. The network is the second-largest Spanish-language content producer in the world, and the second-largest Spanish-language network in the United States, behind Univision....

 scheduled to air this series for fall 2010–2011 season and will likely air the serial from Monday to Friday over about 26 weeks. As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.


Five adopted brothers see how their easy going life in the countryside is changed by the death of their father, who gives part of his land to his only biological child, Paula, who comes to claim what belongs to her. Paula begins to interfere with the close bond the brothers have, especially when some of them become attracted to her. Especially Juan Del Monte. They both fall in love which results into Juan leaving Julieta. But when Julieta gets pregnant, Juan marries her but not for love. Sadly, Julieta loses her baby and leaves Juan. As a result, Juan starts a relationship with Paula. But when Paula finds out that she may not be Emilio's daughter, along side Jose. Jose forces her to leave Juan. Which she does, but then Paula finds out she is pregnant of Juan and she does not know what to do, so she decides to leave the house. Then, Modesto found out that Emilio did not die and when Emilio returns back to the house, (but as Pablo Gonzalez) everything changes. "Pablo", Paula and Adela are kidnapped by Jose.

Main Cast

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Cast Character Description
Marlene Favela
Marlene Favela
Silvia Marlene Favela Meraz is a Mexican actress. She studied at "Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa in Mexico City and is also a model...

Paula del Monte Protagonist. Daughter of Sofia and Gustavo, believed to be Emilio's daughter, in love with Juan, Mother of Juan Emilio, Wife of Juan.
Paula is the secret daughter of Emilio del Monte. She is feisty and manipulative, but underneath it all, she is vulnerable. She is completely evil and a seductress at the beginning, but then she finds out that she is not Emilo's daughter and becomes a better person. She then leaves the path to Julieta when Julieta gets sick with a brain tumor, but at the same time she is pregnant of Juan.
Mario Cimarro
Mario Cimarro
Mario Antonio Cimarro Paz is a Cuban actor.-Biography:Cimarro was born in Havana, Cuba to Antonio Luis Cimarro and Maria Caridad Paz. He has one sister, Maria Antonia Cimarro Paz...

Juan del Monte Protagonist. One of the 5 adopted sons of Emilio & Clarisa, in love with Paula,Father of Paula's baby(Juan Emilio), biological son of Emilio, ex-husband of Julieta, husband of Paula
The eldest, Juan runs the hacienda with complete dedication and is a strict but loving father figure to his brothers. Paula's arrival turns his life upside down and makes him question his feelings for Julieta.
José Luis Resendez
José Luis Reséndez
José Luis Reséndez Santos won the national male pageant El Modelo México and represented his country in Mister World 2003, held in London, England, where he became the third runner-up...

José del Monte Principal Villain. One of the 5 adopted sons of Emilio & Clarisa, father of Simon, ends up going to Jail.
The second eldest, Jose is the most volatile of the brothers. While he loves his family, he loves money and power more. He becomes totally evil.
Julieta Millán Daughter of Miguel and Rosa, Sister to Consuelo and Rosario, wife of Juan (until episode #128) ,hates Paula, goes to Jail .

Julieta was a very nice person at first but then turns bad and starts hating Paula, She was Pregnant by Juan but overhears Juan and Paula's love discourse and this precipitate her fall down the stairs and lose the baby, She develops a brain tumor and becomes very ill, even mentally, because of it, unlike in the original version, she does not die, She steals Paula and Juan's baby for a few hours because she becomes obsessed with revenge and hatred for Paula, Juan locks her up in jail for 5 Years. Juan divorces her. At the end she is enganged to her lawyer.
Fabián Ríos  Gaspar del Monte One of the 5 adopted sons of Emilio & Clarisa, husband of Guadalupe. Father to Guadalupes Daughter,beats Guadalupe, liked Adela, goes to Anger Management, becomes a better Husband and Brother
The fourth eldest, Gaspar was the only one of his brothers to be closer to his mother than his father. He is noble and good hearted, but also has an explosive temper.
Katharine Porto Adela Paula's best friend, ends up with Efraín.
Jonathan Islas  Lucas del Monte One of the 5 adopted sons of Emilio & Clarisa, was in love with Paula, in love with Rosario, puts Nacho in Jail for Raping Rosario and Consuelo.
The youngest, Lucas is softer than all of his brothers put together. He is passionate, kind, and fiercely loyal.
Alejandra Sandoval Guadalupe Mardones Daughter of Eleuterio & Ines, wife of Gaspar, Beatriz's friend and singer, mother of Gasper's Daughter.
Ezequiel Montalt
Ezequiel Montalt
Ezequiel Montalt Ros is a Spanish actor.-Career:Montalt started out his career as a singer and trumpet player in a jazz band called Ejazz. He then decided to pursue an acting career. He is best known for his role in telenovelas...

Pedro del Monte One of the 5 adopted sons of Emilio & Clarisa, third eldest,was in love with Julieta and Berta, in Love with Beatriz, Ends up with Beatriz and Simon.
The third eldest, Pedro is the most troubled of the brothers. He is hopelessly in love with Julieta and has a drinking problem.
Carla Giraldo
Carla Giraldo
Carla Evelyn Giraldo Quintero is a Colombian actress, model and singer.She made her debut in television when she was 13 in telenovela Me Llaman Lolita where she portrays young Lolita Rengifo.- Telenovela :...

Rosario Millán Daughter of Miguel and Rosa, in love with Lucas,sister of Julieta and Consuelo,Raped by Nacho when she was 16.
Margarita Reyes Beatriz Pereira Estranged wife of Efrain, Mother of Simon,was in love with Jose, ends up with Pedro and falls in love with him and he becomes a father to Simon.
Pedro Rendón Efraín Mardones Son of Modesto, estranged husband of Beatriz, Ends up with Adela and Finally forgets about Beatriz.
Juan Pablo Obregón Johnny Delgado Works for del Monte family, husband of Consuelo, StepFather to Consuelo's Daughter.
Karina Cruz Consuelo Millán Daughter of Miguel and Rosa, wife of Johnny,Raped by Nacho, Pregnant by Nacho when he Raped her, Mother of Nacho's Daughter.
Emerson Rodriguez Amador Cereceda Biological brother of Lucas,was in love with Rosario.
Natasha Klauss
Natasha Klauss
Natasha Alexandra Rastapkavicius Arrondo , professionally known as Natasha Klauss, is a Colombian actress of Colombian and Lithuanian descent, best known for her roles in Telemundo telenovelas La Venganza, Pasión de Gavilanes and Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa.- Early life :Natasha Klauss was...

Berta Soto Maid of the Millán family, later for del Monte family,in love with Modesto, Ends up with Modesto, Married and Pregnant with Modesto's Son.
Didier Van Den Hove
Didier van der Hove
Didier van der Hove is a Belgian-Colombian telenovela actor.- Biography :Didier van der Hove was born in in Brusells, Belgium and moved to Colombia when he was 10 years old....

Eleuterio Mardones Brother of Modesto, father of Guadalupe, former husband of Ines
Margarita Durán Rosa Cifuentes Wife of Miguel, mother of Julieta, Consuelo, and Rosario, former mistress of Emilio del Monte,former friend of Sofia
Diana Quijano Sofía Cañadas Villain. Mother of Paula, former mistress of Emilio, Miguel, and Gustavo,former friend of Rosa,Never Really Changes but gets no punishment, GrandMother of Juan Emilio.
Javier Delgiudice Miguel Millán Husband of Rosa, father of Rosario, Consuelo, & Julieta, had an affair with Sofía
Roberto Mateos Modesto Mardones Brother of Eleuterio, father of Efrain, former bulter of the del Monte family,Father figure for Del Monte family. In love with Berta, Ends up with Berta, Marries her and Father of her Son

Secondary Cast

Cast Character Description
Julio Del Mar Emilio del Monte Father of 5 adopted sons, Dies but first He changes his Will and takes Jose out, Jasper out unless he changes with Guadalupe, and Adds Sofia and Modesto.
Andres Felipe Martinez Gustavo del Fierro Villain. Lawyer of Paula and Sofia and Del Monte family, lover of Sofia, Paula's biological father, killed in a helicopter crash.
Alejandro Lopez Esteban Montero Villain in love with Paula
Roberto Vander Emilio del Monte Believed to have died, actually held hostage. Had plastic surgery, going by alias Pablo Gonzalez,dies.
Adriana López Inés Mother of Guadalupe
Natalie Morales
Natalie Morales
Natalie Leticia Morales is the news anchor for NBC's Today.-Career:Morales was an anchor and correspondent for MSNBC from 2002 to 2006...

Caroline Wolf Wife of Emiliano
Javier Gómez Emiliano Lopez Oberto Businessman,husband of Caroline
Andres Ogilvie Nacho Villain, Rapist and goes to Jail for it.
Joaquin Ujueta Simon Son of Beatriz and Jose
Alfredo Esper Doctor
Maria Leon Carmen Seleceda Biological mother of Lucas and
Sandra Guzman Magdalena Chief servant at the Del Monte family
Maria Cristina Galindo Magda Woman that helped Emilio Del Monte. Wife of Ángel.
Carlos Ulises Villa Ángel Man that helped Emilio Del Monte. Husband of Magda.
Ingrid Solano Pedros psychologist
Lucía Garay principal and Consuelo´s and Rosario´s school
Jacob Isaza One of the bad guys that want to hurt Amador because he owns them money'
Armando Rivera One of the bad guys that wanted to hurt Amadro because he owns them money
Hugo Castro Fireman
Pedro Antonio Vargas Priest
Miguel Puerta Julietas doctor


Country Alternate title/Translation TV network(s) Series premiere Series finale Weekly schedule
 United States Los Herederos Del Monte Telemundo
Telemundo is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish. The network is the second-largest Spanish-language content producer in the world, and the second-largest Spanish-language network in the United States, behind Univision....

January 10, 2011. July 15, 2011 Monday to Friday
 Puerto Rico Los Herederos Del Monte Telemundo PR
WKAQ-TV is a full-power television station located in San Juan, Puerto Rico transmitting over digital 2.1. The station is owned and operated by NBCUniversal and is branded simply as Telemundo....

January 17, 2011. Monday to Friday
 Independent State of Croatia Nasljednici RTL Televizija
RTL Televizija
RTL Televizija is a Croatian commercial broadcaster with national availability that has been broadcasting since April 30, 2004.RTL Televizija is 74% owned by the RTL Group....

March 3, 2011 September 1, 2011 Monday to Friday
 Ecuador Los Herederos Del Monte Ecuavisa
Ecuavisa is one of the major television networks in the Republic of Ecuador.Since the start of their transmissions, on March 1st of 1967, the channel is one of the major networks and biggest of Ecuador, It broadcasts on channel 8 in Quito and on channel 2 in Guayaquil...

March 15, 2011. Monday to Friday
 Costa Rica Los Herederos Del Monte Teletica
Teletica, formerly known as Televisora de Costa Rica S.A., is a Costa Rican television company, founded in 1958; it was the first television company in Costa Rica. It operates Teletica Canal 7 and Teletica Canal 33. It has mostly imported programming and it also handles a high production and...

May 2, 2011. Monday to Friday
 Venezuela Los Herederos Del Monte Televen
Televen is a private Venezuelan national television network headquartered on the Caracas neighborhood of Horizonte. For this reason it's also called Canal de Horizonte. Televen was inaugurated as the ‘’TELEVEN Corporation’’ on July 3 1988 by Omar Camero and Radioven, S.A...

May 4, 2011. October 3, 2011. Monday to Saturday
 Spain Los Herederos Del Monte Nova May 16, 2011 Monday to Friday
 Colombia Los Herederos Del Monte Caracol
Caracol TV
Caracol Televisión is a Colombian private national television network, owned by Julio Mario Santo Domingo.- History :Caracol Televisión started in 1954 when Organización de Radiodifusora Caracol offered to afford national television costs, then state-run, through commercial spots...

May 18, 2011 Monday to Friday
 Bolivia Los Herederos Del Monte Unitel
Unitel Bolivia
UNITEL is a Bolivian television network headquartered in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. It was founded in 1987. It is owned by businessman Osvaldo Monasterio Nieme. The station is well known for its political bias towards Bolivia's right-wing opposition parties....

June 9, 2011 Monday to Friday
 Kingdom of Romania Mostenitorii Acasa tv July 18, 2011 Saturday to Sunday
 Estonia Armastus Või Raha Kanal2  July 19, 2011 Monday to Friday
 Nicaragua Los Herederos del Monte Televicentro  August 29, 2011 February 24, 2012 Monday to Friday
 Latvia Mantojuma lāsts TV3 Latvia
TV3 Latvia
TV3 Latvia is a television channel targeted at a Latvian language audience owned by Modern Times Group . It was launched in 1998, but did not receive a terrestrial license until 2001...

September 12, 2011 Monday to Friday
 Argentina Los Herederos del Monte Canal 9
Canal 9 (Argentina)
Canal 9 is an Argentine television network based in Buenos Aires. It is a general entertainment station which offers news, soap operas, talk shows, and movies.-History:...

August 25, 2011 Monday to Friday

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