Lockheed Corporation
The Lockheed Corporation (originally Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing Company) was an American aerospace
Aerospace comprises the atmosphere of Earth and surrounding space. Typically the term is used to refer to the industry that researches, designs, manufactures, operates, and maintains vehicles moving through air and space...

 company. Lockheed was founded in 1912 and later merged with Martin Marietta
Martin Marietta
Martin Marietta Corporation was an American company founded in 1961 through the merger of The Martin Company and American-Marietta Corporation. The combined company became a leader in chemicals, aerospace, and electronics. In 1995, it merged with Lockheed Corporation to form Lockheed Martin. The...

 to form Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin is an American global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company with worldwide interests. It was formed by the merger of Lockheed Corporation with Martin Marietta in March 1995. It is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, in the Washington Metropolitan Area....

 in 1995.
The Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company
Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company
The Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company was formed by brothers Malcolm Loughead and Allan Loughead in 1912 in Santa Barbara, CA. The company later went on to become the Lockheed Corporation....

 was established in 1912 by the brothers Allan
Allan Loughead
Allan Haines Loughead , later changed to Allan Haines Lockheed, was an American aviation pioneer and engineer. He formed the Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company along with his brother, Malcolm Loughead that became Lockheed Corporation.Loughead legally changed his name to Allan Lockheed in 1934...

 and Malcolm Loughead
Malcolm Loughead
Malcolm Loughead formed the Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company along with his brother, Allan Loughead. This company went on to become the Lockheed Corporation....

. This company was renamed the Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing Company and located in Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara is the county seat of Santa Barbara County, California, United States. Situated on an east-west trending section of coastline, the longest such section on the West Coast of the United States, the city lies between the steeply-rising Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean...


In 1926, following the failure of Loughead, Allan Loughead formed the Lockheed Aircraft Company (the spelling was changed to match its phonetic pronunciation) in Hollywood.