Locality may refer to:
  • Locality, a.k.a. human settlement
  • Locality of reference
    Locality of reference
    In computer science, locality of reference, also known as the principle of locality, is the phenomenon of the same value or related storage locations being frequently accessed. There are two basic types of reference locality. Temporal locality refers to the reuse of specific data and/or resources...

     in computer-science data-access issue
  • Locality (statistics)
  • Locality (linguistics)
    Locality (linguistics)
    In linguistics, locality refers to the proximity of elements of a linguistic structure. Theories of transformational grammar attempt to explain restrictions on syntactic movement using syntactic locality constraints....

  • Locality, physics concept re principle of locality
    Principle of locality
    In physics, the principle of locality states that an object is influenced directly only by its immediate surroundings. Experiments have shown that quantum mechanically entangled particles must violate either the principle of locality or the form of philosophical realism known as counterfactual...

  • Locality in astronomy
    Locality in astronomy
    Locality in astronomy is in theory closeness of the observer relative to the observed astronomical phenomenon under consideration, and thus in practice the relative closeness of the phenomenon to the star system of the Sun....

  • Locality, specific geographic divisions:
    • In Sweden
      Urban areas in Sweden
      Urban area is a common English translation of the Swedish term tätort. The official term in English, used by Statistics Sweden, is, however, locality. There are 1,940 localities in Sweden . They could be compared with census-designated places in the United States.A tätort in Sweden has a minimum of...

    • In Australia
      Suburbs and localities (Australia)
      Suburbs and localities are the names of geographic subdivisions in Australia, mainly for address purposes. The name locality is used in rural areas, while the equivalent in urban areas are suburbs. Sometimes locality is used to refer to both localities and suburbs, and they are also called address...

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