List of political magazines

Currently published

  • The American Interest
    The American Interest
    The American Interest is a non-partisan bimonthly magazine focusing primarily on foreign policy, international affairs, global economics, and matters related to the military...

  • The American Prospect
    The American Prospect
    The American Prospect is a monthly American political magazine dedicated to American liberalism. Based in Washington, DC, The American Prospect is a journal "of liberal ideas, committed to a just society, an enriched democracy, and effective liberal politics" which focuses on United States politics...

  • The American Spectator
    The American Spectator
    The American Spectator is a conservative U.S. monthly magazine covering news and politics, edited by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. and published by the non-profit American Spectator Foundation. From its founding in 1967 until the late 1980s, the small-circulation magazine featured the writings of authors...

  • The Atlantic Moderate
  • The Cato Journal Libertarian
  • Commentary
    Commentary (magazine)
    Commentary is a monthly American magazine on politics, Judaism, social and cultural issues. It was founded by the American Jewish Committee in 1945. By 1960 its editor was Norman Podhoretz, a liberal at the time who moved sharply to the right in the 1970s and 1980s becoming a strong voice for the...

    Right/Conservative (was Liberal)
  • Dissent
    Dissent (magazine)
    Dissent is a quarterly magazine focusing on politics and culture edited by Michael Walzer and Michael Kazin. The magazine is published for the Foundation for the Study of Independent Social Ideas, Inc by the University of Pennsylvania Press....

    Left/Democratic Socialist
  • The Economist
    The Economist
    The Economist is an English-language weekly news and international affairs publication owned by The Economist Newspaper Ltd. and edited in offices in the City of Westminster, London, England. Continuous publication began under founder James Wilson in September 1843...

    (British) Moderate (has supported Labour
    Labour Party (UK)
    The Labour Party is a centre-left democratic socialist party in the United Kingdom. It surpassed the Liberal Party in general elections during the early 1920s, forming minority governments under Ramsay MacDonald in 1924 and 1929-1931. The party was in a wartime coalition from 1940 to 1945, after...

     and Conservative
    Conservative Party (UK)
    The Conservative Party, formally the Conservative and Unionist Party, is a centre-right political party in the United Kingdom that adheres to the philosophies of conservatism and British unionism. It is the largest political party in the UK, and is currently the largest single party in the House...

     candidates in the UK and Republican and Democratic candidates in the US)
  • Foreign Affairs
    Foreign Affairs
    Foreign Affairs is an American magazine and website on international relations and U.S. foreign policy published since 1922 by the Council on Foreign Relations six times annually...

  • Foreign Policy
    Foreign Policy
    Foreign Policy is a bimonthly American magazine founded in 1970 by Samuel P. Huntington and Warren Demian Manshel.Originally, the magazine was a quarterly...

  • Harper's Magazine
    Harper's Magazine
    Harper's Magazine is a monthly magazine of literature, politics, culture, finance, and the arts, with a generally left-wing perspective. It is the second-oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the U.S. . The current editor is Ellen Rosenbush, who replaced Roger Hodge in January 2010...

  • Harvard Political Review
    Harvard Political Review
    The Harvard Political Review is a quarterly, nonpartisan American magazine and website on politics and public policy founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1969 at Harvard University. It is published by the Harvard Institute of Politics, an undergraduate student organization...

  • Human Events
    Human Events
    Human Events is a weekly American conservative magazine. It takes its name from the first sentence of the United States Declaration of Independence...

  • International Socialist Review
    International Socialist Review (1997)
    The International Socialist Review has been published since 1997 in Chicago by the Center for Economic Research and Social Change. Its editorial board includes several leading members of the International Socialist Organization . It is currently a bimonthly magazine...

    Left/Democratic Socialist
  • Journal of Politics & Society
    Journal of Politics & Society
    The Journal of Politics & Society is an academic journal of the social sciences published twice a year by the Helvidius Group, a nonprofit student organization at Columbia University. It is distributed by Source Interlink Companies to Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores....

  • Mother Jones
    Mother Jones (magazine)
    Mother Jones is an American independent news organization, featuring investigative and breaking news reporting on politics, the environment, human rights, and culture. Mother Jones has been nominated for 23 National Magazine Awards and has won six times, including for General Excellence in 2001,...

  • The Nation
    The Nation
    The Nation is the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the United States. The periodical, devoted to politics and culture, is self-described as "the flagship of the left." Founded on July 6, 1865, It is published by The Nation Company, L.P., at 33 Irving Place, New York City.The Nation...

  • National Review
    National Review
    National Review is a biweekly magazine founded by the late author William F. Buckley, Jr., in 1955 and based in New York City. It describes itself as "America's most widely read and influential magazine and web site for conservative news, commentary, and opinion."Although the print version of the...

  • The National Interest
    The National Interest
    The National Interest is a prominent conservative American bi-monthly international affairs magazine published by the Center for the National Interest. It was founded in 1985 by Irving Kristol and until 2001 was edited by Anglo-Australian Owen Harries...

  • The New American Right/Conservative (John Birch Society)
  • The New Islander
    The New Islander
    The New Islander is an American magazine of literature, politics, cultural commentary, and personal expression, based in New York City and published by New Islander Media Inc...

  • New Politics
    New Politics (magazine)
    New Politics is an independent socialist journal founded in 1961 and still published in the United States today. While it is inclusive of articles from a variety of left-of-center positions, the publication leans strongly toward a Third camp, democratic Marxist perspective, placing it typically to...

    Left/Democratic Socialist
  • The New Republic
    The New Republic
    The magazine has also published two articles concerning income inequality, largely criticizing conservative economists for their attempts to deny the existence or negative effect increasing income inequality is having on the United States...

  • New Statesman
    New Statesman
    New Statesman is a British centre-left political and cultural magazine published weekly in London. Founded in 1913, and connected with leading members of the Fabian Society, the magazine reached a circulation peak in the late 1960s....

  • Newsweek
    Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine published in New York City. It is distributed throughout the United States and internationally. It is the second-largest news weekly magazine in the U.S., having trailed Time in circulation and advertising revenue for most of its existence...

  • Policy Review
    Policy Review
    Policy Review is one of America's leading conservative journals. It was founded by the Heritage Foundation and was for many years the foundation's flagship publication. In 2001, the publication was acquired by the Stanford University-based Hoover Institution, though it maintains its office on...

  • Prospect
    Prospect (magazine)
    Prospect is a monthly British general interest magazine, specialising in politics and current affairs. Frequent topics include British, European, and US politics, social issues, art, literature, cinema, science, the media, history, philosophy, and psychology...

    (British) Left/Liberal
  • The Progressive
    The Progressive
    The Progressive is an American monthly magazine of politics, culture and progressivism with a pronounced liberal perspective on some issues. Known for its pacifism, it has strongly opposed military interventions, such as the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. The magazine also devotes much coverage...

  • Queue Magazine
    Queue Magazine
    Queue Magazine is a British monthly magazine founded in 2007. Under the stewardship of editor-in-chief Ian J Mason, Queue has since evolved from a regional publication, to a broader, issues-based, national political magazine...

    (British) Moderate
  • Reason
    Reason (magazine)
    Reason is a libertarian monthly magazine published by the Reason Foundation. The magazine has a circulation of around 60,000 and was named one of the 50 best magazines in 2003 and 2004 by the Chicago Tribune.- History :...

  • Red Pepper
    Red Pepper (magazine)
    Red Pepper is an independent ‘red, green and radical’ magazine based in the UK. For most of its history it appeared monthly, but relaunched as a bi-monthly during 2007.- Origins :...

    (British) Left/Green/Democratic Socialist
  • The Spectator
    The Spectator
    The Spectator is a weekly British magazine first published on 6 July 1828. It is currently owned by David and Frederick Barclay, who also owns The Daily Telegraph. Its principal subject areas are politics and culture...

    (British) Right/Conservative
  • Standpoint
    Standpoint (magazine)
    Standpoint is a monthly British cultural and political magazine. Its premier issue was published at the end of May 2008 – the first launch of a major current affairs publication in the UK in more than a decade....

    (British) Right/Conservative
  • Time
    Time (magazine)
    Time is an American news magazine. A European edition is published from London. Time Europe covers the Middle East, Africa and, since 2003, Latin America. An Asian edition is based in Hong Kong...

  • Townhall Magazine is a web-based publication primarily dedicated to conservative United States politics. It was previously operated by the Heritage Foundation, but is now owned and operated by Salem Communications...

    Right/Conservative (monthly magazine released after the founding of, a conservative website)
  • The Week
    The Week
    The Week, styled as THE WEEK, is a weekly news magazine.-History:It was founded in the United Kingdom by Jolyon Connell in 1995. In April 2001, the magazine began publishing an American edition; an Australian edition followed in October 2008. Dennis Publishing publishes the U.K. and Australian...

  • The Weekly Standard
    The Weekly Standard
    The Weekly Standard is an American neoconservative opinion magazine published 48 times per year. Its founding publisher, News Corporation, debuted the title September 18, 1995. Currently edited by founder William Kristol and Fred Barnes, the Standard has been described as a "redoubt of...

  • Z Magazine Left/Liberal

No longer published

  • American Mercury Right/Conservative (some contributors rumored to be Neo-Nazi)
  • The World of Tomorrow
    The World Tomorrow (magazine)
    The World Tomorrow: A journal looking toward a Christian world was an American political magazine, founded by the pacifist organization Fellowship of Reconciliation and published in New York City by FOR's Fellowship Press at 108 Lexington Avenue.-Main Editors:The World Tomorrow seems to have had...

    Left/Socialist (Pacifist)
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