Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy is a bimonthly American
United States
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 founded in 1970 by Samuel P. Huntington
Samuel P. Huntington
Samuel Phillips Huntington was an influential American political scientist who wrote highly-regarded books in a half-dozen sub-fields of political science, starting in 1957...

 and Warren Demian Manshel
Warren Demian Manshel
Warren Demian Manshel was born in Germany and went to school with Henry Kissinger. Manshel became a naturalized US citizen and graduated from Harvard University.He was U.S. Ambassador to Denmark from 1978–1981....


Originally, the magazine was a quarterly. Its most notable feature was its unusual physical format: pages printed in a narrow 4" x 11" size, with a durable yet not hardback cover.

Under editor-in-chief Moisés Naím
Moisés Naím
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 (1996–2010), Foreign Policy changed from an academic quarterly in the 1990s to a bimonthly glossy, winning the 2009, 2007, and 2003 National Magazine Award
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 for General Excellence. The topics it covers include global politics
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, economics
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, integration and ideas. On September 29, 2008, The Washington Post Company announced that they had purchased Foreign Policy from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
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. It also has a website
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Foreign Policy's contributors include: Pulitzer Prize
Pulitzer Prize
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-winning military reporter Tom Ricks, international bestseller Stephen Walt
Stephen Walt
Stephen Martin Walt is a professor of international affairs at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Among his most prominent works are and . He coauthored The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy with John Mearsheimer.-Education and career:In 1983, he received a Ph.D. in...

, blogger Daniel W. Drezner, Christian Brose (Condoleezza Rice
Condoleezza Rice
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's longtime chief speechwriter), 9/11 Commission
9/11 Commission
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 director Philip Zelikow, ex-senior White House aide Peter Feaver, top Pentagon official Dov Zakheim
Dov Zakheim
Dov S. Zakheim is a former official of the United States government.Born December 18, 1948 in Brooklyn, New York, Zakheim earned his bachelor's degree in government from Columbia University in 1970, and his doctorate in economics and politics at St. Antony's College, Oxford University...

, John McCain
John McCain
John Sidney McCain III is the senior United States Senator from Arizona. He was the Republican nominee for president in the 2008 United States election....

's foreign policy adviser Steve Biegun, and Josh Rogin (a Washington journalist specializing in investigative reports on national security and foreign affairs).

Foreign Policy publishes the annual Globalization Index
Globalization Index
This article includes a list of countries of the world sorted by their globalization, the global connectivity, integration and interdependence in the economic, social, technological, cultural, political, and ecological spheres....

, and Failed State Index. Its report Inside the Ivory Tower
Inside the Ivory Tower
"Inside the Ivory Tower" is an annual ranking of the top twenty university graduate and undergraduate programs in international relations. The list, compiled by the editors of the magazine Foreign Policy, is based on a survey of "international relations faculty from every four-year college and...

provides an annual comprehensive ranking of professional schools in international relations
International relations
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A Spanish edition of Foreign Policy, named Foreign Policy en español is published by Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior
Diego Hidalgo Schnur
Diego Hidalgo Schnur is a Spanish philanthropist, intellectual and businessman. He is the son of Diego Hidalgo y Durán , who was a prominent jurist, author, intellectual and Minister of War under the Second Republic of Spain , and of Gerda Schnur de Hidalgo , also an intellectual who lived in Paris...

(FRIDE) since 2004.

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