List of lakes in Garfield County, Montana
There are at least 34 named lake
A lake is a body of relatively still fresh or salt water of considerable size, localized in a basin, that is surrounded by land. Lakes are inland and not part of the ocean and therefore are distinct from lagoons, and are larger and deeper than ponds. Lakes can be contrasted with rivers or streams,...

s and reservoir
A reservoir , artificial lake or dam is used to store water.Reservoirs may be created in river valleys by the construction of a dam or may be built by excavation in the ground or by conventional construction techniques such as brickwork or cast concrete.The term reservoir may also be used to...

s in Garfield County, Montana
Garfield County, Montana
-Politics:Garfield County is a solidly Republican county. It might be the most Republican county in Montana and one of the most Republican in the nation....



  • Antone Reservoir, 46°54′05"N 106°33′50"W, el. 2920 feet (890 m)
  • Birkrem Reservoir, 46°53′58"N 107°00′10"W, el. 3212 feet (979 m)
  • Buffalo Hill Reservoir, 47°33′48"N 106°42′02"W, el. 2612 feet (796.1 m)
  • Burgess Reservoir, 47°29′39"N 106°26′03"W, el. 2425 feet (739.1 m)
  • Cedar Bed Ground Reservoir, 47°24′23"N 106°18′40"W, el. 2402 feet (732.1 m)
  • Christenson Reservoir, 46°55′33"N 106°31′04"W, el. 2828 feet (862 m)
  • Clear Water Reservoir, 46°51′15"N 106°29′39"W, el. 2874 feet (876 m)
  • Cottonwood Reservoir, 47°27′09"N 106°24′10"W, el. 2365 feet (720.9 m)
  • Cottonwood Tree Lakes, 46°53′17"N 106°54′32"W, el. 3133 feet (954.9 m)
  • Ezekial Reservoir, 47°12′27"N 107°50′22"W, el. 2871 feet (875.1 m)
  • Ezwkial Number One Reservoir, 47°13′01"N 107°53′05"W, el. 2812 feet (857.1 m)
  • Fisher Reservoir, 47°25′07"N 106°26′54"W, el. 2464 feet (751 m)
  • Fork Reservoir, 47°26′43"N 106°24′38"W, el. 2415 feet (736.1 m)
  • Fourteen Reservoir, 46°53′04"N 107°00′41"W, el. 3159 feet (962.9 m)
  • Guesanborn Reservoir, 47°02′30"N 107°08′50"W, el. 2963 feet (903.1 m)
  • Gumbo Reservoir, 47°26′11"N 106°29′28"W, el. 2575 feet (784.9 m)
  • Jade Reservoir, 47°31′08"N 106°58′52"W, el. 2720 feet (829.1 m)
  • Krieder Reservoir, 47°05′42"N 107°28′54"W, el. 3173 feet (967.1 m)
  • Mashesky Reservoir, 47°10′55"N 107°44′43"W, el. 2841 feet (865.9 m)
  • McKrone Reservoir, 47°29′39"N 107°01′51"W, el. 2851 feet (869 m)
  • McWilliams Reservoir, 46°57′18"N 106°25′08"W, el. 2700 feet (823 m)
  • Mud Lake
    Mud Lake (Montana)
    There are over a dozen lakes named Mud Lake within the U.S. state of Montana.* Mud Lake, Beaverhead County, Montana. * Mud Lake, Beaverhead County, Montana. * Mud Lake, Beaverhead County, Montana. * Mud Lake, Blaine County, Montana....

    , 46°53′06"N 106°57′51"W, el. 3156 feet (961.9 m)
  • Mullory Reservoir, 47°26′07"N 106°26′36"W, el. 2480 feet (755.9 m)
  • Murnions Reservoir, 47°20′18"N 106°32′14"W, el. 2487 feet (758 m)
  • Old Lake, 46°53′17"N 106°56′12"W, el. 3130 feet (954 m)
  • Section Four Reservoir, 46°54′45"N 106°32′42"W, el. 2864 feet (872.9 m)
  • Shaw Reservoir, 46°57′00"N 107°53′24"W, el. 2625 feet (800.1 m)
  • Split Reservoir, 47°13′06"N 107°45′16"W, el. 2897 feet (883 m)
  • Steel Mule Reservoir, 47°11′34"N 107°37′18"W, el. 3002 feet (915 m)
  • Stroud Reservoir, 47°10′54"N 107°42′53"W, el. 2913 feet (887.9 m)
  • Ten Reservoir, 46°53′53"N 107°01′44"W, el. 3232 feet (985.1 m)
  • Thomas Reservoir, 47°25′36"N 106°27′37"W, el. 2467 feet (751.9 m)
  • Wheatcroft Reservoir, 47°15′00"N 107°19′10"W, el. 2884 feet (879 m)
  • York Reservoir, 47°14′23"N 106°41′24"W, el. 2684 feet (818.1 m)
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