List of health and fitness magazines
Health and fitness magazines cover a variety of topics including physical fitness and well-being, nutrition, beauty, strength, bodybuilding, and weight training.

General health and wellness

  • Alive Magazine
    Alive Magazine
    alive is a Canadian natural health and wellness magazine. Published monthly, alive provides readers with information on leading healthy lifestyles, and focuses on a range of topics from natural health, organics, fitness, beauty, and nutrition, to holistic healing, emotional health and sustainability...

  • Arogya Darpan, National Hindi Health Magazine
  • Complete Wellbeing
  • Easy Health & Living
  • Health & Fitness Sports Magazine
  • Health & Happiness Magazine
  • Life Positive
  • Medicine Magazine
    Medicine Magazine
    Medicine Magazine is a UK consumer magazine focused on health and medical issues. It has a more serious medical and scientific editorial than women's magazines....

  • Natural Awakenings
  • Prevention
    Prevention (magazine)
    Prevention is an American healthy lifestyle magazine, started in 1950, and published by Rodale Press in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, in the United States. The range of subjects includes food, nutrition, workouts, beauty, and cooking. It was founded by J. I. Rodale...

  • Sláinte
  • Vegetarian Times
    Vegetarian Times
    Vegetarian Times is a monthly magazine published nine times a year by Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc. The magazine's audience consists of vegetarians and "flexitarians" who are focused on a healthy lifestyle. Vegetarian Times promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle with recipes, wellness information, cooking...

  • Your Health Now
    Your Health Now
    Your Health Now was a free, bi-monthly health magazine provided by Merck & Co., Inc.. The magazine was launched in September 2005 and was available by mail, online at , and in doctors’ offices....

  • Whole Living

Children's health

  • Children's Health
    Children's Health (magazine)
    Children's Health Magazine is a magazine published in the United States by Rodale, Inc. It concentrates in publishing topics related to "health, nutrition, and educational guidance", advice and tips for parents, in order for them to have healthy families, children, toddlers, and babies.-External...

  • Healthy Children
    Healthy Children
    Healthy Children is a magazine published quarterly by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It publishes topics related to children's health, guidelines on immunization, common illnesses in childhood, issues on behavior and development of children, and recommendations regarding children's fitness...


  • Fitness
  • Fitness Rx for Women
  • Health
    Health (magazine)
    Health is an American magazine focused on women's health. It was purchased by Time Inc. in 1991. The company now operates as a part of Time's Southern Progress Corporation. The magazine's topics range from diet and recipes to fashion tips and dealing with life issues such as stress...

  • Muscle and Fitness Hers
  • Oxygen
  • Self
    Self (magazine)
    Self magazine is an American magazine for women that specializes in health, fitness, nutrition, beauty and happiness. Published by Condé Nast Publications 12 times a year, it has a circulation of 1,486,992 and a total audience of 5,541,000 readers, according to its corporate media kit. The...

  • Shape
  • Women's Health
    Women's Health (magazine)
    Women's Health, published by Rodale in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, is a magazine focusing on health, nutrition, fitness, sex, and lifestyle. It's published 10 times a year in the United States and has a circulation of 1.5 million readers...

  • Women's Health and Fitness
  • WomenSports (later Women's Sports and Fitness) (defunct)


  • Fitness Rx for Men
  • Men's Health
    Men's Health (magazine)
    Men's Health , published by Rodale Inc. in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, United States, is the world’s largest men’s magazine brand, with 44 editions around the world. It is also the best-selling men's magazine on U.S. newsstands. It covers fitness, nutrition, sexuality, lifestyle and other aspects of...

  • Men's Fitness
    Men's Fitness
    Men's Fitness is a men's magazine published by American Media, Inc and founded in the United States in 1987. The premier issue featured Michael Pare from the television series The Greatest American Hero....

Bodybuilding and weight training

  • FLEX
    FLEX (magazine)
    Flex is an American bodybuilding magazine, published by American Media, Inc.-History:Founded in 1983 by Joe Weider, local versions are now published throughout the world, in countries such as the UK and Australia.The premier issue was dated April 1983, and featured Chris Dickerson on the cover...

  • Hardgainer
    Hardgainer (magazine)
    Hardgainer magazine was a weight training magazine for hardgainers .-History:Hardgainer was available only through subscription, and was initially published on a bi-monthly basis starting with the July-August, 1989 issue...

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man (magazine)
    Iron Man Magazine is a publication which discusses bodybuilding, weightlifting and powerlifting. It was founded in 1936 by two Alliance, Nebraska natives, Peary Rader and his wife, Mabel Rader.-History:...

  • Milo
    Milo magazine
    MILO: A Journal For Serious Strength Athletes is a quarterly journal dedicated to strength sports, published by IronMind. The magazine is named after Milo of Croton....

  • Muscle & Fitness
    Muscle & Fitness
    Muscle & Fitness is an American bodybuilding magazine founded by Joe Weider, but now published by American Media, Inc.-History:Muscle & Fitness has a more mainstream focus than its companion publication, Flex...

  • Muscle & Fitness
    Muscle & Fitness (British Edition)
    Muscle & Fitness is a fitness magazine, which contains articles on strength and fitness training, diet plans and strategies for men and women, and expert tips and advice.- History :...

     - British Edition
  • MuscleMag International
  • Muscular Development
    Muscular Development
    Muscular Development is an American fitness and bodybuilding magazine first published in 1964. It was founded by Bob HoffmanBob Hoffman - athlete, nutritionist, weightlifter, coach and philanthropist - was born on a farm in Tifton, Georgia on Nov 9th 1898. His family stock was good. Bob was never...

  • Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness
  • Planet Muscle
  • Powerlifting USA
    Powerlifting USA
    Powerlifting USA is an international magazine covering the sport of powerlifting. The magazine has been published since June, 1977, by Mike Lambert...

  • Sly
  • Strongman
  • Testosterone
  • Women's Physique World
    Women's Physique World
    Women's Physique World is a magazine covering female bodybuilding and fitness and figure competition, published since 1984.The first issue was dated Fall, 1984, and featured Lori Walkup on the cover...

Health conditions

  • Arthritis Today
  • CURE
    CURE (magazine)
    CURE is a free magazine for cancer patients, survivors, and health care professionals in the oncology field. The publication is the largest consumer magazine in the United States focused entirely on cancer with a circulation of 325,000...

     (Cancer Updates, Research, and Education)
  • Heart Insight
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