List of Xinhua Zidian radicals
The list of Xinhua Zidian radicals is a lexicologic
Lexicology is the part of linguistics which studies words, their nature and meaning, words' elements, relations between words , word groups and the whole lexicon....

 tool used to order the Chinese writing system as prescribed in the Xiàndài Hànyǔ Chángyòng Zìbiǎo
Xiandai Hanyu changyong zibiao
The List of Commonly Used Characters in Modern Chinese is a list of 7,000 commonly used Simplified Chinese characters in Chinese. It was created in 1988 in the People's Republic of China.It is comparable to the Standard Form of National Characters in Taiwan....

 for use in Mainland China
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. There are 189 Xinhua Zidian
Xinhua Zidian
The Xinhua Zidian is a Chinese language dictionary published by the Commercial Press. It is the best-selling Chinese dictionary and the world's most popular reference work. This pocket-sized dictionary of Chinese characters uses Simplified Chinese characters and pinyin romanization...

 dictionary radicals.

List of radicals

1 stroke: 一 丨 丿 丶 乛

2 strokes: 十 厂 匚 卜 冂 八 人 勹 儿 匕 几 亠 冫 冖 凵 卩 刀 力 又 厶 廴

3 strokes: 干 工 土 艹 寸 廾 大 尢 弋 小 口 囗 山 巾 彳 彡 夕 夂 丬 广 门 宀 辶 彐 尸 己 弓 子 屮 女 飞 马 么 巛

4 strokes: 王 无 韦 木 支 犬 歹 车 牙 戈 比 瓦 止 攴 日 贝 水 见 牛 手 气 毛 长 片 斤 爪 父 月 氏 欠 风 殳 文 方 火 斗 户 心 毋

5 strokes: 示 甘 石 龙 业 目 田 罒 皿 生 矢 禾 白 瓜 鸟 疒 立 穴 疋 皮 癶 矛

6 strokes: 耒 老 耳 臣 覀 而 页 至 虍 虫 肉 缶 舌 竹 臼 自 血 舟 色 齐 衣 羊 米 聿 艮 羽 糸

7 strokes: 麦 走 赤 豆 酉 辰 豕 卤 里 足 邑 身 釆 谷 豸 龟 角 言 辛

8 strokes: 青 龺 雨 非 齿 黾 隹 阜 金 鱼 隶

9 strokes: 革 面 韭 骨 香 鬼 食 音 首

10 strokes: 髟 鬲 鬥 高

11 strokes: 黄 麻 鹿

12 strokes: 鼎 黑 黍

13 strokes: 鼓 鼠

14 strokes: 鼻

17 strokes: 龠

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  • An Analysis of the Two Chinese Radical Systems, Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, 13, 2, 95-109, May 78
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