Lei Cheng Uk
Lei Cheng Uk was a group for villages of families of Lei/Lee/Li (
Li (surname)
Li is a common transliteration of several Chinese family names, including 李 , the most common Chinese family name, and the Korean family name Lee...

) and Cheng (
Zheng (surname)
Zhèng or Cheng is a Chinese family name and is the name of an ancient state in today's Henan. It is written as 鄭 in traditional Chinese script or as 郑 in simplified Chinese script....

). The villages were demolished for building a public housing estate
Public housing in Hong Kong
Public housing in Hong Kong is a set of mass housing programmes through which the Government of Hong Kong provides affordable housing for lower-income residents. It is a major component of housing in Hong Kong, with nearly half of the population now residing in some form of public housing...

, Lei Cheng Uk Estate
Lei Cheng Uk Estate
Lei Cheng Uk Estate is a public housing estate and Tenants Purchase Scheme estate in Lei Cheng Uk, a downhill of Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong, located near So Uk Estate. Since the redevelopment in 1980s, the estate consists of 10 residential buildings completed in 1984, 1989 and 1990...

. At the beginning of the construction, a Han
Han Dynasty
The Han Dynasty was the second imperial dynasty of China, preceded by the Qin Dynasty and succeeded by the Three Kingdoms . It was founded by the rebel leader Liu Bang, known posthumously as Emperor Gaozu of Han. It was briefly interrupted by the Xin Dynasty of the former regent Wang Mang...

A tomb is a repository for the remains of the dead. It is generally any structurally enclosed interment space or burial chamber, of varying sizes...

 was found there and named as "Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb", which later became part of the Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum
Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum
The Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum is composed of an ancient brick tomb and of an exhibition hall adjacent to it. It is located at 41 Tonkin Street, in Cheung Sha Wan, Sham Shui Po District, in the northwestern part of the Kowloon Peninsula of Hong Kong.-The tomb:According to the structure,...


The name of a village, Sheung Lei Uk, is preserved in a park, Sheung Li Uk Garden (上李屋花園).
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