Lakhtinsky Razliv
Lake Lakhta is a lake
A lake is a body of relatively still fresh or salt water of considerable size, localized in a basin, that is surrounded by land. Lakes are inland and not part of the ocean and therefore are distinct from lagoons, and are larger and deeper than ponds. Lakes can be contrasted with rivers or streams,...

 (or inlet
An inlet is a narrow body of water between islands or leading inland from a larger body of water, often leading to an enclosed body of water, such as a sound, bay, lagoon or marsh. In sea coasts an inlet usually refers to the actual connection between a bay and the ocean and is often called an...

) in St. Petersburg's Primorsky District
Primorsky District, Saint Petersburg
Primorsky District, Saint Petersburg is an administrative and municipal district , one of the 18 in Saint Petersburg, Russia....

 connected to the Neva Bay
Neva Bay
The Neva Bay , also known as the Gulf of Kronstadt, is the easternmost part of the Gulf of Finland between Kotlin Island and the Neva River estuary where the city of St. Petersburg is sited....

 of the Baltic Sea
Baltic Sea
The Baltic Sea is a brackish mediterranean sea located in Northern Europe, from 53°N to 66°N latitude and from 20°E to 26°E longitude. It is bounded by the Scandinavian Peninsula, the mainland of Europe, and the Danish islands. It drains into the Kattegat by way of the Øresund, the Great Belt and...

 by the 500-meter-long Bobylka River. The Kamenka, Glukharka and Yuntolovka rivers empty into the lake. Its area is 1.76 km², with the maximum depth of 8.3 meters. The lakeside village of Lakhta
Lakhta, Saint Petersburg
Lakhta is a historical area in Lakhta-Olgino Municipal Okrug of St. Petersburg, Russia, situated west of Lake Lakhta . It was formerly owned by Peter the Great, Count Grigory Orlov, and Count Stenbock-Fermor . The Lakhta railway station of the Primorsky Railway connects Lakhta to Central...

 takes its name from the lake. Along the eastern shore extends the neighbourhood of Kolomäki. The lake belongs to the Yuntolovsky Reserve, zakaznik
Zakaznik is a type of protected area in Russia and other former Soviet republics such as Ukraine that meets World Conservation Union's category III, or more frequently category VII criteria....

 established in 1999 to conserve the nature of the nearby wetland
A wetland is an area of land whose soil is saturated with water either permanently or seasonally. Wetlands are categorised by their characteristic vegetation, which is adapted to these unique soil conditions....

s, providing, among other things, habitat for a significant population of the shrub Myrica gale
Myrica gale
Myrica gale is a species of flowering plant in the genus Myrica, native to northern and western Europe and parts of northern North America. It is a deciduous shrub growing to 1–2 m tall. Common names include Bog Myrtle and Sweet Gale...

, which is protected in Russia.

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  • Lakhtinsky crossover
    Lakhtinsky crossover
    Lakhtinsky crossover is a сrossing by railroad line of lake Lakhtinsky Razliv in St. Petersburg, RussiaAt building of a first stage of the Primorskaya line on a stage Novaya Derevnya - Lakhta it was necessary to overcome lake Lakhtinsky Razliv....

  • Lakhta-Olgino Municipal Okrug
    Lakhta-Olgino Municipal Okrug
    Lakhta-Olgino Municipal Okrug is a municipal okrug of Primorsky District of the federal city of St. Petersburg, Russia, comprising that city's historical areas of Lakhta and Olgino. It is located just north of the Gulf of Finland...

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