Kuznetsov NK-144
The Kuznetsov NK-144 is an afterburning turbofan engine made by the Soviet Kuznetsov Design Bureau. Used on the early models of the Tupolev Tu-144
Tupolev Tu-144
The Tupolev Tu-144 was a Soviet supersonic transport aircraft and remains one of only two SSTs to enter commercial service, the other being the Concorde...

 supersonic aircraft, it was very inefficient and was replaced with the Kolesov RD-36-51
Kolesov RD-36-51
The Kolesov RD-36-51 was an afterburning supersonic turbojet engine used on the Tu-144D SST.The RD-36-51 produced a thrust of 18100 kgf and consumed 25700 kg fuel per hour...

 turbojet engine.

Specifications (NK-144)

  • Thrust (kg): 28,660 (dry) 38,580 (wet)
  • Airflow:551 lb/s
  • OPR
    Overall pressure ratio
    In aeronautical engineering, the term overall pressure ratio is defined as the ratio of the stagnation pressure as measured at the front and rear of the compressor of a gas turbine engine...

    : 14.2
  • BPR
    Bypass ratio
    The term bypass ratio relates to the design of turbofan engines, commonly used in aviation. It is defined as the ratio between the mass flow rate of air drawn in by the fan bypassing the engine core to the mass flow rate passing through the engine core....

    : 0.60
  • Spools: 2 2
  • SFC: 1.81 lb/lbf hour

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