Kure can refer to:
  • KURE
    KURE is a radio station licensed to Ames, Iowa, USA, the station serves the Iowa State community, Ames, and surrounding areas. The station is currently owned by Residence Associations Broadcasting Services....

    , a radio station in Ames, Iowa
  • Kure Software Koubou
    Kure Software Koubou
    Kure Software Koubou , or KSK, is a Japanese game development company founded in 1985 that creates games for many platforms, but focusing mostly on home computers...

    , Japanese video game development company
  • Kure, Hiroshima
    Kure, Hiroshima
    is a city in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan.As of October 1, 2010, the city has an estimated population of 240,820 and a population density of 681 persons per km². The total area is 353.74 km².- History :...

     (呉), a city in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan
    • Kure Line
      Kure Line
      The is a rail line operated by JR West within Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. It begins at Mihara Station in Mihara and terminates at Kaitaichi Station in Kaita. It's one of the main lines of JR West. The section between Mihara Station to Hiro Station is nicknamed "Setouchi Sazanami Line" as the...

      , a rail line in the city
    • Kure Station
      Kure Station
      is a JR West railway station on the Kure Line, located in Kure, Hiroshima, Japan.-History:*Opened as a station of the Japan National Railways on December 27, 1903*Lent to the Sanyo Railway on December 1, 1904.*Sanyo Railway was nationalized on December 1, 1906....

      , a railway station on the Kure Line
  • Kure Atoll
    Kure Atoll
    Kure Atoll or Ocean Island is an atoll in the Pacific Ocean beyond Midway Atoll in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands at . The only land of significant size is called Green Island and is habitat for hundreds of thousands of seabirds...

    , an island in the Pacific Ocean
  • Kure Beach, North Carolina
    Kure Beach, North Carolina
    Kure Beach (ˈkjʊərɪ KYUR-ee) is a town in New Hanover County, North Carolina about 15 miles south of Wilmington. It is part of the Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 1,507 at the 2000 census...

  • Küre, Kastamonu is a town and district of Kastamonu Province, Turkey
  • Küre, Bilecik
    Küre, Bilecik
    Küre is a town in Söğüt district of Bilecik Province, Turkey. Situated at it is north of Söğüt and east of Bilecik. The population of Küre is 1293 as of 2010. The town was founded in the 13th century. Later Turkmen tribe of Kayı also settled in the village. The second sultan Orhan...

     is a town in Söğüy district of Bilecik Province, Turkey
  • Küre Mountain is a mountain at Bartın
    -Culture:The city hosts strawberry festivals in spring. The city also has beaches of good quality.-External links:* *...

     and Kastamonu
    Kastamonu is the capital district of the Kastamonu Province, Turkey. According to the 2000 census, population of the district is 102,059 of which 64,606 live in the urban center of Kastamonu. The district covers an area of , and the town lies at an elevation of...

     provinces, Turkey
  • Küre brook is a small river near İnebolu
    İnebolu is a town and district of the Kastamonu Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is from Istanbul by road and north of Kastamonu. It is a typical Black Sea port town with many fine examples of traditional domestic architecture. According to the 2000 census, population of the...

    , Kastamonu Province
    Kastamonu Province
    Kastamonu Province is one of the provinces of Turkey, in the Black Sea region, to the north of the country. It is surrounded by Sinop to the east, Bartın and Karabük to the west, Çankırı to the south, Çorum to the south east and the Black Sea to the north....

    , Turkey
  • Kure Naval Base
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