Konrad von Ammenhausen
Konrad von Ammenhausen was a Swiss Benedictine
Benedictine refers to the spirituality and consecrated life in accordance with the Rule of St Benedict, written by Benedict of Nursia in the sixth century for the cenobitic communities he founded in central Italy. The most notable of these is Monte Cassino, the first monastery founded by Benedict...

 monk and priest at Stein am Rhein
Stein am Rhein
Stein am Rhein is a municipality in the canton of Schaffhausen in Switzerland.The town has a well-preserved medieval centre, retaining the ancient street plan. The site of the city wall, and the city gates are preserved, though the former city wall now consists of houses...

He is primarily known for his Schachzabelbuch, a Middle High German
Middle High German
Middle High German , abbreviated MHG , is the term used for the period in the history of the German language between 1050 and 1350. It is preceded by Old High German and followed by Early New High German...

 verse translation of the Liber de moribus hominum et officiis nobilum ac popularium super ludo scacchorum by Jacobus de Cessolis
Jacobus de Cessolis
Jacobus de Cessolis was an Italian author of the most famous morality book on chess in the Middle Ages....

, completed in 1337. The work survives in more than 20 manuscripts and was frequently printed in the 16th century.

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