Kingdom of Luang Phrabang
The Kingdom of Luang Phrabang was formed in 1707 as a result of the split of the Kingdom of Lan Xang
Lan Xang
The Lao kingdom of Lan Xang Hom Kao was established in 1354 by Fa Ngum.Exiled as an infant to Cambodia, Prince Fa Ngum of Xieng Dong Xieng Thong married a daughter of the Khmer king. In 1349 he set out from Angkor at the head of a 10,000-man army to establish his own country...

. The monarchy was so weak that it was forced to pay tribute at various times to the Burmese and the Siamese. After a particularly destructive attack by the Black Flag Army
Black Flag Army
The Black Flag Army was a splinter remnant of a bandit group recruited largely from soldiers of ethnic Zhuang background, who crossed the border from Guangxi province of China into Upper Tonkin, in the Empire of Annam in 1865. They became known mainly for their fights against French forces in...

 in 1887, the kingdom chose to accept French protection.


  • Kitsarat (1707–1713)
  • Ong Kham (1713–1723)
  • Thao Ang (Inthason) (1723–1749)
  • Intharavongsa (1749)
  • Inthaphom (1749)
  • Sotika-Kuomane (1749–1768) (Burmese vassal, 1765–1768)
  • Surinyavong II (1768–1788) (Burmese vassal, 1768–1778)
  • Siamese occupation (1791–1792)
  • Anurutha (3 February 1792 - 179..) (1st reign)
  • Siamese occupation (179.. - 2 June 1794)
  • Anurutha (2 June 1794 - 31 December 1819) (2nd reign)
  • Manthaturath (31 December 1819 - 7 March 1837) (Regent for Anurutha from 1817 until 31 December 1819; lives as a monk in Bangkok from 1825 until 1826, leaving Luang Phra Bang to be administered by Thai officials)
  • Unkeo (1837–1838) (Regent)
  • Sukha-Söm (1838 - 23 September 1850)
  • Chantha-Kuman (23 September 1850 - 1 October 1868)
  • Oun Kham
    Oun Kham
    Oun Kham was King of Luang Prabang during 1872-1887 and a second time between 1889 and 1895. On 7 June 1887 the Lao royal capital was seized and sacked; the elderly ruler barely escaped with his life. Between his two ruling period he was exiled in Bangkok where he gave assistance to Auguste Pavie...

     (1 October 1868 - 15 December 1895) (Zakarine
    King Zakarine, also known as Sakkarin, Sakharine, Sackarine, Zackarine, and Zacharine was the King of Luang Prabang from 1895 to 1904.-Early life:He was brought up in Luang...

     was regent for Oun Kham from April 1888 until 15 December 1895)
  • Sisavang Vong
    Sisavang Vong
    Sisavang Phoulivong , was king of Kingdom of Luang Phrabang and later Kingdom of Laos from 28 April 1904 until his death on 20 October 1959.-Early life:...

    (26 March 1904 - 27 August 1946)

From 12 October 1945 Sisavang Vong was officially King of Laos.
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