Joyce Jimenez
Joyce Herrín Reintegrado-Egbalic, popularly known by her screen name
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 Joyce Jimenez (born March 21, 1978) is a Filipino
Filipino people
The Filipino people or Filipinos are an Austronesian ethnic group native to the islands of the Philippines. There are about 92 million Filipinos in the Philippines, and about 11 million living outside the Philippines ....

 actress who mainly stars in movies in the Philippines
The Philippines , officially known as the Republic of the Philippines , is a country in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. To its north across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan. West across the South China Sea sits Vietnam...



Joyce Jimenez was born in Los Angeles, California
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 to Filipino migrant parents. Her real name is Joyce Herrín Reintegrado-Egbalic. Jimenez grew up in the Los Ángeles area where she studied at Bishop Amat High School in La Puente, California
La Puente, California
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. She was accepted to UCLA but decided to forgo schooling to move to the Philippines; most recently she finished a college degree at a university in Australia.

In 1996, Jimenez participated in the Miss Taguig - Hollywood pageant. Although she did not win the title, she did win the Miss Photogenic title.

Jimenez started to venture out from films and into business. She owns Skin-Private Joyce, which specializes in bath and beauty products. She also opened a lingerie
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 line Private Joyce Intimate Collection partnership with Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. Jimenez married Filipino-American Paul Ely Egbalic from Vallejo, CA on August 23, 2008, at Walnut, California
Walnut, California
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On September 29, 2008, Jimenez suffered serious injuries in a car accident
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 in Urdaneta City
Urdaneta City
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, Pangasinan
Pangasinan is a province of the Republic of the Philippines. The provincial capital is Lingayen. Pangasinan is located on the west central and peripheral area of the island of Luzon along the Lingayen Gulf, with the total land area being 5,368.82 square kilometers . According to the latest census,...

 (coming from a Baguio City
Baguio City
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 taping for ABC
Associated Broadcasting Company
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 TV5's "Philippine’s Scariest Challenge"). Avoiding a truck, her Toyota 4Runner
Toyota 4Runner
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 flipped four times and was total wreck when it rolled over in a rice field. She was treated at the Urdaneta City Sacred Heart Hospital and transferred to Medical City, Pasig City. Her legs were badly injured, she had minor bruises, had to wear braces on her neck, and had minor stitches on her face. On August 23, 2008, Joyce Jimenez is married to her non-showbiz boyfriend, Paul Ely Egbalic and on October 16, 2008, Joyce & Paul welcomed their first baby girl named "Jorja".

Partial filmography

  • Lupin
    Lupin (Philippine TV series)
    Lupin is a Philippine drama that aired on GMA Network. It is loosely based on the French crime fiction series of books featuring the character Arsène Lupin and the Japanese manga and anime series Lupin III, in turn loosely based upon the original works...

     (2007–2008) GMA-7
  • Nuts Entertainment
    Nuts Entertainment
    Nuts Entertainment was a sketch comedy television show in the Philippines aired every Saturday evenings by GMA Network . The show was part of the network's GMA KiliTV block...

     (2007) GMA-7
  • Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko(TV Series)(2006)
  • Birhen ng Manaoag (2005)
  • Sex in Philippine Cinema (2004)
  • Pinay Pie
    Pinay Pie
    Pinay Pie is a 2003 Filipino comedy film, directed by award-winning multi-genre director Jose Javier Reyes. The film was released to Philippine theaters on September 3, 2003. It stars Joyce Jimenez, Assunta De Rossi and Ai Ai de las Alas on the lead roles. It is a film about girl power. De las Alas...

  • Lapu-Lapu (2002)
  • Ang Galing Galing Mo, Babes (2002)
  • I Think I'm In Love (2002)
  • Ano bang meron ka? (2001)
  • Biyaheng langit
    Biyaheng langit
    Biyaheng Langit is a 2000 Filipino romantic comedy film directed by Amable Aguiluz. The film is based around a casino and stars Joyce Jimenez and Mark Anthony Fernandez. The film won six Gawad Urian Awards.-Cast:*Joyce Jimenez as Bea...

  • Halik Sa Apoy
    Halik Sa Apoy
    Halik Sa Apoy is a Philippines drama series produced by Viva Television and aired over GMA Network. The series was directed by Jay Altarejos.-Synopsis:...

    (1998–1999) GMA-7
  • Linlang (1999)
  • Scorpio Nights 2 with magdusa ka! (1999)
  • Bilib Ako Sa'yo (1999)
  • Warat 1999
  • Sumigaw Ka Hanggang Gusto Mo 1998
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