Jim Uhls
Jim Uhls born as James Walter Uhls (born March 25, 1957) is an American screenwriter
Screenwriters or scriptwriters or scenario writers are people who write/create the short or feature-length screenplays from which mass media such as films, television programs, Comics or video games are based.-Profession:...

 and producer who rose to fame with his script adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel Fight Club
Fight Club (novel)
Fight Club is a 1996 novel by Chuck Palahniuk. It follows the experiences of an unnamed protagonist struggling with insomnia. Inspired by his doctor's exasperated remark that insomnia is not suffering, he finds relief by impersonating a seriously ill person in several support groups...

. He graduated from the UCLA Film School.

He runs the Writers and Actors lab, a workshop teaching people how to write original screenplays.


  • Fight Club
    Fight Club (film)
    Fight Club is a 1999 American film based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk. The film was directed by David Fincher and stars Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter. Norton plays the unnamed protagonist, an "everyman" who is discontented with his white-collar job...

    (1999) Writer
  • Sweet Talk (2004) Writer, Producer
  • Seed Money (2010) Writer
  • Jumper
    Jumper (film)
    Jumper is a 2008 American science fiction film, loosely based on the 1992 science fiction novel of the same name by Steven Gould. The film is directed by Doug Liman and stars Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Bell, Rachel Bilson, Max Thieriot, AnnaSophia Robb, and Diane Lane...

    (2008) Writer
  • Rex Mundi (2009) Writer
  • Isobar (2009) Writer

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