A Javelin
A Javelin is a light spear intended for throwing. It is commonly known from the modern athletic discipline, the Javelin throw.Javelin may also refer to:-Aviation:* ATG Javelin, an American-Israeli civil jet aircraft, under development...

is a light spear intended for throwing. It is commonly known from the modern athletic discipline, the Javelin throw
Javelin throw
The javelin throw is a track and field athletics throwing event where the object to be thrown is the javelin, a spear approximately 2.5 metres in length. Javelin is an event of both the men's decathlon and the women's heptathlon...


Javelin may also refer to:


  • ATG Javelin
    ATG Javelin
    -See also:-External links:* * * *...

    , an American-Israeli civil jet aircraft, under development
  • Gloster Javelin
    Gloster Javelin
    The Gloster Javelin was an "all-weather" interceptor aircraft that served with Britain's Royal Air Force in the late 1950s and most of the 1960s...

     a British "all-weather" jet interceptor aircraft , 1951–1968
  • Javelin, American aircraft company, selling plans for the Javelin Wichawk
    Javelin Wichawk
    The Javelin Wichawk was a sporting biplane designed in the United States in the early 1970s and marketed in plans form for homebuilding. It was a conventional design with staggered single-bay wings of equal span braced with N-struts and fixed, tailwheel undercarriage...

  • Javelin (rocket)
    Javelin (rocket)
    Javelin was the designation of an American sounding rocket. The four stage Javelin rocket had a payload of around 125 pounds , an apogee of 1100 kilometers, a liftoff thrust of 365 kilonewtons , a total mass of 3,385 kilograms , and a core diameter of 580 centimeters...

    , a former American sounding rocket
  • Napier Javelin
    Napier Javelin
    |-See also:-Bibliography:* Lumsden, Alec. British Piston Engines and their Aircraft. Marlborough, Wiltshire: Airlife Publishing, 2003. ISBN 1-85310-294-6....

     a British, piston, aircraft engine


  • HMS Javelin
    HMS Javelin (F61)
    HMS Javelin was a J-class destroyer of the Royal Navy laid down by John Brown and Company, Limited, at Clydebank in Scotland on 11 October 1937, launched on 21 December 1938, and commissioned on 10 June 1939....

    , a World War 2, Royal Navy destroyer
  • Javelin dinghy
    Javelin dinghy
    The Javelin can refer to several different class of boats. The boats are significantly different and only have the same name by coincidence.-Javelin :...

    , the name of several types of racing dinghy
  • SS Empire Javelin a British World War 2 Infantry Landing Ship


  • Javelin (train); the Olympic Javelin, a planned high speed shuttle service for London during the 2012 Summer Olympics,
    • British Rail Class 395
      British Rail Class 395
      British Rail Class 395 is a dual-voltage electric multiple unit used by train operating company Southeastern for its services along High Speed 1 and onwards to the Kent coast. The trains were built in Japan by Hitachi and shipped to the United Kingdom to operate new high speed domestic services...

       the trains used, sometimes referred to as the "Javelin class"


  • AMC Javelin
    AMC Javelin
    The Javelin was a production version of one of the AMC AMX prototypes shown during the 1966 AMX project nationwide tour. Intended to rival other pony cars such as the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. American Motor's Javelin debuted on 22 August 1967, for the 1968 model year...

    , an American automobile
  • Dennis Javelin
    Dennis Javelin
    The Dennis Javelin is an underfloor-engined bus and coach chassis originally built by Dennis in the United Kingdom. It was unveiled in 1986 and acted more or less as a modern replacement for the discontinued Bedford Y-series...

    , a British motorcoach
  • Jowett Javelin
    Jowett Javelin
    The Jowett Javelin is an award-winning British car that was produced from 1947 to 1953 by Jowett Cars Ltd of Idle, near Bradford. The model went through five variants labelled PA to PE, each having a standard and "de luxe" option. The car was designed by Gerald Palmer during World War II and was...

    , a British automobile
  • JBA Javelin, a kit-car manufactured by JBA Cars


  • BlackBerry Javelin, the latest BlackBerry Curve
    BlackBerry Curve
    BlackBerry Curve is a brand of entry level smartphones manufactured by Research In Motion since 2007.-Curve 8300 Series:The BlackBerry Curve brand was introduced in 2007 with the Curve 8300 series...

  • PRISM Javelin
    PRISM (chipset)
    PRISM wireless networking solutions are a family of Conexant chipsets used for Wireless LANs, and were formerly produced by Intersil Corporation.- Legacy 802.11b products :...

    , a wireless chipset made by Intersil
    Intersil Corporation is an American company that specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of high-performance analog semiconductors for four high-growth markets — Communications, Computing, High End Consumer and Industrial.-Company history:...

  • Javelin Software
    Javelin Software
    Javelin Software Corporation was a company in Cambridge, Massachusetts which developed an innovative modeling and data analysis product, also called Javelin, and later Javelin Plus...

    , software company


  • FGM-148 Javelin
    FGM-148 Javelin
    The FGM-148 Javelin is a United States-made man-portable third generation anti-tank missile fielded to replace the Dragon antitank missile.-Overview:Javelin is a fire-and-forget missile with lock-on before launch and automatic self-guidance...

    , an American anti-tank missile
  • Javelin surface-to-air missile
    Javelin surface-to-air missile
    Javelin is a British, man-portable surface-to-air missile, formerly used by the British Army and Canadian Army. It can be fired from the shoulder, or from a dedicated launcher known as Javelin LML—Lightweight Multiple Launcher...

    , a British Army portable missile


  • Javelin (DC Comics), a DC Comics supervillain
  • Javelin (Marvel Comics), a character in Rom Spaceknight, a comic book series published by Marvel Comics
  • Javelin, a fictional robot from the Custom Robo
    Custom Robo
    is a science fiction robotic fighting video game franchise developed by NOISE and published by Nintendo Co., Ltd..The series currently spans five games, and has titles on the Nintendo 64, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo DS...



  • Javelin (fish)
    Javelin (fish)
    The javelin, javelinfish, or southern whiptail, Caelorinchus australis, is a rattail of the genus Caelorinchus, found around Australia and New Zealand at depths of between 80 and 500 m...

    , Caelorinchus australis, a fish found around Australia and New Zealand
  • Javelin fish
    Thorntooth grenadier
    The thorntooth grenadier or javelin fish, Lepidorhynchus denticulatus , is a rattail, the only member of the genus Lepidorhynchus, found around southern Australia and New Zealand, at depths of between 200 and 1,000 m...

    , a name for the fish Lepidorhynchus denticulatus, found around Australia and New Zealand
  • Javelin Frog
    Javelin Frog
    The Javelin Frog is a species of frog in the Hylidae family.It is endemic to Australia.Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry lowland grassland, swamps, and intermittent freshwater marshes.-References:...

    , Australian species of frog


  • Javelin argument
    Javelin argument
    The javelin argument is an ancient logical argument in support of the cosmological idea that space, or the universe, must be infinite:This argument was used to support the Epicurean thesis about the universe....

    , a logical argument supporting the infinite size of the universe
  • Javelin, a musical composition, by Michael Torke
    Michael Torke
    Michael Torke is an American composer who writes music influenced by jazz and minimalism. Sometimes described as a post-minimalist, his most postminimal piece is Four Proverbs, in which the syllable for each pitch is fixed and variations in the melody produce streams of nonsense words. Other works...

  • Javelin (Music Duo), Hip-hop duo
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