Janus (comics)
Janus, in comics, may refer to:
  • Janus (DC Comics), an alias of the DC Comics character Two-Face
    Two-Face is a fictional comic book supervillain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. and is an enemy of Batman. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #66 , and was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger....

  • Janus (Marvel Comics)
    Janus (Marvel Comics)
    Janus is a fictional comic-book character in the Marvel Comics universe.-Fictional character biography:The Golden Angel was a possessing spirit who claimed to be an angel, a messenger and warrior of God. This angel was revealed to have appeared to Dracula and thwarted his will in the past...

    , a Marvel Comics character, the son of Dracula
  • Janus (Ultraverse), a character in the Ultraverse
    The Ultraverse was the name given to a comic book imprint published by the American company Malibu Comics. The Ultraverse was a shared universe in which a variety of characters — known within the comics as "Ultras" — acquired super-human abilities.-History:...

  • Janus the Nega-Man
    Janus the Nega-Man
    Janus the Nega-Man is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Fictional character biography:Richard Janus was once a college student and a research scientist and contemporary of Reed Richards. He became obsessed with finding a new source of energy, and sought Richards' help to harness this...

    , another Marvel character
  • Janus Directive
    Janus Directive
    "The Janus Directive" was an eleven-part comic book crossover first published by DC Comics between May and June of 1989. Among the creators who contributed to the storyline were writers John Ostrander, Kim Yale, Paul Kupperberg, Cary Bates and Greg Weisman and artists John K...

    , a DC Comics crossover event
  • Judge Janus
    Judge Janus
    Judge Judy Janus is a fictional character, a Judge within Mega-City One's Justice Department's Psi Division. She is portrayed as a young and dizzy psychic , who still manages to help solve the case in the end....

    , a Judge Dredd character
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